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Does anyone know that moment where you have to make a decision and you are looking at both roads ahead. They both take you on a journey of uncertainty. But one looks / feels so much harder than the other.
So you are torn between between the two.
Not knowing which one will give you the outcome you desire.

I know I can’t see into the future and there are always mountains, deep rivers and cracks through each journey.

I have a gut feeling and my mind is telling me which way to go right now. But I’m terrified. I don’t want to let myself down. But I also don’t want to loose myself in the process.
Which is where I am now at the crossroads.
#Crossroads #Anxiety #Depression #scared #idk

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Duality of wanting to fight and give up at same time

Someday’s it sucks. To want to say to hell with it all but were raised were you keep going forward no matter little you move. When you are torn between L’APPEL DU VIDE’ – “THE CALL OF THE VOID” and going to eat at you favorite place with someone you would never hurt on purpose.

Right now i’m torn on many things. The top two are:
Should i go through with joining NAMI “End the Silence” campaign. Should i back out because the idea of presenting in front of people terrorizes me.

Should i even join NAMI in the first place when the membership fee would cover a couple days food for me. Keep in mind if i did i would still have the same amount of food. Just little better brands.

#Bipolar2 #Crossroads #CheckInWithMe