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(Part 1) Hi guys & gals. Some very interesting developments have surfaced over the last few weeks & admittedly some worrying things. firstly, the neurologist appointment went fine but there quite a few new diagnosis that where made. Firstly I have conjugate gaze palsy, an Astasia Abasia due to what he thinks is FND, however at the end of his report he stated an unspecified ataxia. Your guess is as good as mine on that one. Lastly, he diagnosed me with a dilation of my ventricle that causes accelerated aging i.e dementia. He wanted to send me to physical therapy & they where nice so that's good. I saw the spinal specialist & this one. . .this one sent a chill down my spine literally. The examination went fine & he recommended botox injection from his clinic if the current rehab facility doesn't succeed. My poor mom said "we will exhaust all other options." That's what scared her, what scared me was when we talked about how this grade 2 cerebral palsy came out of nowhere. How did this cp flare up like this? He has no clue, well, I MIGHT & I DON"T THINK IT'S CP! I decided to join labcorp & was looking at previous blood results when I stumbled across one taken 10 months ago that showed my A/G ratio, sodium, carbon dioxide, hematocrit, & blood urine nitrogen where all off. It could have something to do with my adrenals & kidneys. Spinal wise they found cervical disk denegation, stenosis, bone spurs all along that region. Then the ENT told me to get more imaging & I had to wait another week because insurance... We found there was a laryngocele & diverticulum. There was no cancer which was our initial concern, instead the Ent said it was rare & congenital.