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Hi I’m Melissa and I’m new here. I’ve had migraines & other issues for 40 yrs. Even have an occipital nerve stimulator #chronicmigraine #Cyclicvomiting #Lupus

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Cyclic vomiting and weather change?

My daughter seems to have episodes more frequently every time it rains or the weather shifts more than 10 degrees....Zofran helps but she's been pooping Zofran since 6 and I just wonder what long term effects it will have...and then also it isn't always the cure all...more times than not we end up in theER with it fluids and a cocktail of iv meds...I feel so helpless and want to help her...shes 14 and wants to go to High School next year vs homeschooling. Totally freaked bc stress, colds, and exhaustion ate her normal triggers Advice,! #Cyclicvomiting #CVS


Cyclic vomiting attack

Just had a #Cyclicvomiting attack two night ago. Just had time to process. It was the worst one if ever had in my life, lasting 7-8 hours with no relief, resulting in having to be sedated for 9 hours. I am so depressed right now, as I usually feel depressed right after an attack. Just need some support and possible suggestions

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