The desire for perfection doesn’t necessarily go away during depressive episodes. When I’m depressed I usually lack motivation and basic cognitive functions are slower and lagging. At times the thought of filling out job applications or doing laundry or taking a shower or even leaving my house seems insurmountable. Then I find myself getting mentally stuck in a thought spiral, unable to start a task because I know I can’t give it my all and it’s likely I won’t be able to complete it, especially in the way I would normally. Earlier this week a friend reminded me that anything worth doing is worth doing imperfectly, even poorly! That it’s ok to do 10% of a task when you cannot mentally handle completing it. That it’s far better to start and do some of it than it is to remain stuck and do nothing. So today, when I couldn’t bring myself to leave my house and go out into the public; I bundled up, went outside to the backyard, and sat on the porch with my dogs. #Selfcare #Depressedperfectionist #Depression #lackofmotivation #Thoughtspiral #stuck #Unmotivatedperfectionist #Someisbetterthannone #Worthdoingpoorly