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5 Self-Care Tips for When You Hit Rock Bottom

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Sometimes it’s the best of times, but when it’s the worst of times, boy do those times suck. And boy, do I know that. Been there, done that. Been there again, probably going back there soon.

So, for everyone who is preaching that self-care is “eating right” and “getting dressed up even if you don’t feel like it,” let me tell you something: I get it. You can’t, and all the positive thoughts and desire won’t do anything about it. Self-care isn’t bubble baths and haircuts. It might not even be going for walks or shutting off your phone.

Sometimes it’s that low. And believe me — I understand. People who preach positive thoughts and gratitude just don’t get it. But I get it, and you’re not alone.

So here are my self-care tips for the times that you hit rock bottom… and brought a shovel.

1. Can’t shower or bathe?

Me neither. Can’t wash your hair? I get it. So don’t. Brush your hair (or don’t), but braid it or tie it up. Let’s be real: it’s greasy and doesn’t smell fresh. Tie it up and get it out of your face. Dry shampoo does wonders. Don’t have any and can’t get some? Baby powder also works. But really, just getting it out of your face will make a big difference.

2. Can’t change your sheets?

That’s cool. I hate changing sheets. (Really: it’s the chore that I dread the most. My therapist and I can’t figure it out, but all I know is that it always ends with me in frustrated tears.) Push your blankets out of the way and scrape off the crumbs. If you can get up, sleep on top of a towel. Sounds weird, but don’t knock it until you try it.

3. Can’t change your clothes?

Well, the good thing about COVID-19 quarantine is that you don’t have to go outside. So, just get rid of the clothes altogether. Throw them in the wash (not away). Go au natural. If you can’t get into the shower, take a towel and wipe down your body. I promise (promise) that you will feel a lot better.

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4. Can’t go for a walk or drive?

Open a window. Let that fresh air in. Or, at the very least, open the blinds and get some sunshine in. It’s not going to cure anything, but they’re not lying about the importance of vitamin D. You can close the blinds after, but try and get some sunlight. Humans are basically plants with more complex feelings. You need the sun.

5. Try and remember that you’ve survived this before.

You may feel like you will never get out of bed, leave your room or sit up straight ever again. But you’ve felt this way before and you’ve gone through it. And even if you feel that way now, you’ll push through it. You’ve survived 100% of your terrible, horrible, no good very bad days, and I have complete faith that you will make it through these ones. You are not alone. You’re doing your best and I am so proud of you. I love you. You deserve the world.

You are not alone. I hope that this passes soon. You can do this.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Originally published: July 21, 2020
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