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    The year the Beatles came to my house. #Depression #chronic pain#DisabilitySlur

    It was 1966 and I loved rock n roll. My parents didn't. Not even a little bit. They barely tolerated it. Just barely. I would rush home from school so I could watch "Where the Action Is" with Paul Revere and the Raiders. But I was getting into the Beatles. That Christmas, I told my parents that ALL I wanted was the album Revolver by the Beatles. That's it. If you don't get me that, then I DON'T WANT ANYTHING !. Christmas morning, there it was, under the tree. I was stunned ! Where did my old fashioned parents get it ? My mother also got me some sweaters we called Poorboys, which I loved. Where is that album now ? My daughter "stole" it along with my Sgt. Pepper's. And won't give it back ! But I told her that when I die, I want to be buried with those albums !

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    Anyone else hear the word “autistic” being used as a slur?

    In school I hear people call each other an “aut” or “autistic” . They use it the same way the (r word) is used. It shouldn’t bug me, but as a true autistic person, it hurts me a lot. #Autism #DisabilitySlur #Ableism #NotOK #Aspergers

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