× " When I Frist Started Working For T. C. 《 Taco Cabana 》 ... I Was Happy And Excited....Now I'm Just Tired Of Being Yelled At For The Smallest Thing's. These Women Don't Have The Right To Constantly Verbally Abuse Me... Just Because They Are Alway's Pissed About Thier Postion's. Now They Started Talking Behind My Back...Critical About Everything I Don't Do. Like I Was Assigned To Do ¡ Tortilla's !.... And My General Manager Depends On Me More... Because These Other Women. Can't Speak English Only Spanish. And This Stresses Me Out Because I Now Have More Thing's To Do....I Take Out The Nasty Trash Everyday And Night. Clean The Restroom's...Broom × Mop The Lobby And Dinning Room Area...The Patio And Parking Lot... Plus My Job In Making Tortilla's... Now These Older Women.. Have Been Non Stop Complaining That I Need To Do The Register × Front-Line...Etc. I Expidate The Uber Driver's. And Everything That I Just Listed. I Feel Broken And Feel Worthless. These People Don't Give A Shit About My Work Ethic...As Long As They Don't Have To Lift A Finger Break A Nail. I Have Been So Nice These 5 Month's. Now I Also Have A Young Assistant Manager. Who Doesn't Like Me At All. IDK Why Nor Do I Care...But She Shouldn't Treat Employee's Like Trash. She Manage's The Night Shift With Me Another Girl × Two Men. This Girl Get's Super Mad If The Men Offer To Help Me With Some Task... Or Come Talk To Me. I Have Been Wanting To Make Friendship's. But These Employee's Are Showing Me That They Are Mean. The Only Ally I Have Is My General Manager... She Hired Me To Help Her... Mind You I Don't Talk To Anyone At My Job. I Only Ask Work Related Question's. I Have Been In A Depressed Mood Since Our Busy Cinco De Mayo Week. I Don't DeGeneres To Be Mistreated Like Trash...And Petty Bullshit. Now I Have Been Dreading Going To Work And Feel Misrable.... I Help So Much I Don't Understand People Anymore. I Have Been Made To Stay Outside For 2 Hour's By The Younger Assistant Manager... To Keep Me Away From The Men Because She Flirt's With Them 24/7. Like I Don't Care She Can Have Them And Mistreat Them Too. She Has Made Me Wait For Her 2 Hour's Just To Get Window Cleaner From Her. And Talk Bossy.... Everyone Seem's To Have A Bad Habit Of Talking Out Thier Issue's And Drama Out On Me... Now I Feel Like I Need To Quit...Or Stay Keep On Taking This Verbal Non Stop Yelling Abuse. Idk Anymore... I Have Also Have Been Having #suicidal Idealation...Thought's.. Which Has Never Happened This Much. The Stress Is Insane... Human's Need To Stop Being Mean And Rude... Your Not Going To Get Help... From Other's If You Mistreat Them All The Time... " × Sincerely, ☆ S. K. ☆ #Depression #Anxiety + Panic Attack's