In this very moment, I don’t know where you are, I don’t know where you’re going to and I don’t know where you’ve been. I do know in this moment; you are here….
& if you’re reading this…. In this moment you’re right where you’re meant to be.
We may walk different path, we may face different challenges, yet we’re here together. Tied together by a common thread… illness(es) No other person will ever “truly get” what we go through, day to day. Perhaps if another person or doctor spent 1 day, 1 week, walked 1 mile in our shoes, they would “get it” Doctors would be more proactive in treating us, rather than dismissing us. Until then, we have each other. We can identify with one another on so many levels beyond realization. In between the brokenness, our hopes, our fears, our human perspective…. We get it!
Today I hope you know you’re valued, I hope you know you’re loved. I hope know you’re worthy, worthy of so much more than you realize.
You are more than you’re illness(es)! You matter… Yes You!
What if our brokenness was meant to bless
others? Imagine the pain in the waiting isn’t purposeless. Broken to be the chosen… chosen to know the intense depths of pain, the loneliness & despair, the intense desire to be loved; to love and truly be loved in return.
Seemingly small insignificant joys become lights of hope, the simple accomplishments we find victory, this is our lives. Lives lived intentionally, on purpose. This is our reality…
In the very depths of my heart; I wonder…::
I wonder if I would have stopped to take notice at life’s simplicity, the beauty in the small moments and cherish them as I do now… in my brokeness. Perhaps in some small way we advanced beyond the rest of humanity…. Learning to cherish those small victories, valuing the simple act of human kindness, finding hope and significance in others walking similar journeys.
No, I’m not overjoyed my life has taken an unwanted detour down a road less traveled, I don’t find joy in the very cracks of my life, nor do I find happiness in the realization so many of us suffer. As this day begins…Just know you are not alone, you are not defined by your illness(es). You are loved, so deeply thought of, you’re a gift to this world. Even living through illness, pain, (mental, physical, emotional), the isolation we feel, the barriers we build, feelings that flood our minds of our worth; or lack of positioned us to “know” the desire to feel loved, to feel worthy, to so desperately want to be understood;
Maybe, just maybe…. We are being called to give others the gift of love; without expectation. To give kindness, fully knowing how unkind this world can be.
In this moment;
I hope you feel loved, I hope you feel valued, I hope you feel worthy… Because you deserve it; you’re worth and value is more than this.
Blanketing you all with love today ♥️