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    #Does this group come through this site?

    #Thank you for the invite.


    #tired #

    #Does any one else feel, off, tired , just , # Wore slap out. I hurt real bad yesterday.And now I am super tired.And I need to do, try and do some cleaning. #@


    Depressed or just bored

    #Does anyone ever wonder if they are depressed or just bored?


    #Does anyone else have a rough time sticking with therapy, psychiatrist, and meds??? I'm in a new place so I have new Dr's n stuff. I don't do change.



    #Does it really work I just take plain melatonin

    #I even take Klonopin for depression with other medication and pain medication

    See full photo

    #Does anybody else take melatonin


    #Does anyone know what the different symptoms are between lupus and fibro?

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3 years ago but told I'd had it for about 3 years previously. I get all the pain and the flare up, but recently have been wondering whether I've been misdiagnosed? I've been getting random rashes, I have really bad scabs inside my right nostril (that's been there for about 10 days) and my eyesight goes from blurry to fine constantly. I cant see my dr because they say I'm not an emergency. Does a simple blood test show lupus? It's really starting to get me down, which then starts another flare. Any ideas?


    Has anyone had pain relief from a hypnotist #Does it work

    Getting desperate to try and get my life back I've tried acupuncture with no success and meds don't seem to be helping. I've been told hypnosis might be the way to go.....🤔 has it helped anyone.


    #Does anyone wake themselves up talking out loud as if having a lucid conversation, whilst dreaming.