Look at that face in the picture. I took that picture yesterday while walking scared/shy shelter dogs. These dogs have so much to be depressed about, and many truly are, but many others open right up as soon as they get some affection. These dogs have so much to teach me about my own #Depression .

I’d never met this dog before yesterday. His shelter name is Garbonzo, but we have no idea what name he’s used to. But, the moment I hooked up his leash, he was as thrilled as if I’d raised him from a puppy. He was so willing to live in that moment and just accept the joy he was feeling in that moment. No worries about past or present. NOW. Only now. I need to be more like Garbonzo.

If you have a local shelter and can tolerate animals, I highly recommend taking the time to #Volunteer . It’s rewarding to know you are making a difference in another’s life. It’s even better when the one receiving your care shows appreciation (unlike many people). At any rate, #volunteering helps relieve my depression and gives me #purpose . I hope I can inspire others to find their own purpose.