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Purpose? #Depression #Hope #FamilyAndFriends #Relationships #PTSD #Anxiety #purpose #MentalHealth

Mark Twain famously said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”.

I have a life motto I crafted for myself many years ago. Here it is.

“Be all, see all, taste all, while giving all”.

What is your life purpose?

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Set In Stone

Regardless of how other people see you, respond to you, act toward you, even how you feel about yourself, know that your inherent value is NOT affected by it. Your value comes from the fact that YOU are YOU, you can never be replaced, and that if you are still breathing, you are still here for a purpose.

I say this as I, myself, deal with the above and have absolutely no idea why I have been kept here on earth. I feel like I have no purpose and that I can't possibly be used in a way that offsets the burden I feel I am. Even if I, myself, don't believe it, it doesn't mean it isn't true.

I am right there with you. I feel ya.

#TheMighty #MightyTogether #value #purpose #Burden #Belief #Perspective

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Midlife crisis?

I am wondering if I am going thru some sort of mid life crisis or something. I just feel empty and unfulfilled. With my job. My relationship. Etc. I know I have a lot to be thankful for etc but I just feel somewhat empty. I feel like I need a big change or some sort of purpose in my life. I’m 59 years old. Is this normal? Anyone else feel this way or have any advice? #Depression #purpose #change

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One Step at a Time Progress #MentalHealth #Depression #SuicideSurvivor #Anxiety #Suicide #chooselife #peoplehelpingpeople

A little progress is still progress. It gets said all the time but focus on the positives, the small victories and each day will seem a little brighter.
Depression to me is an inability to feel at all, an inability to focus, an inability to see life, an inability to do, I just sit and stare at nothing while I feel dead inside. On the other hand there can also be times when it is hyperactive and the overthinking causes my anxiety to spiral, triggering my depression surrounding my lack of control in my mind.
I know people care about me, I often just don't care about myself enough to 'see' that or certainly feel it. Just like ripples of grace do good and affect people around me in a positive way, my mental health stuggle can have ripples of pain and uncertainty, fear, stress.
I am almost 3 years removed from almost not getting the noose off my neck and life is better, more manageable today, thanks to the doctors, friends, family that have taken the time and love to pour into me since I opened up about my #MentalHealth challenges.
Today, even in the midst of my struggles, heloing others helps me.
Please reach out, do not be embarrassed or ashamed, I am here for all, without prejudice or judgment.

#peoplehelpingpeople #gethealthy #stayhealthy #journey #MentalIllness #wellness #Depression #Anxiety #chronicpain #chronicillness #trauma #ocd #newday #purpose #restoration #makeroomforthenew #offwiththeoldonwiththenew

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EDIT** Don't miss the Opportunities #MentalHealth #purpose #Depression #Christian #beardformentalhealth #ChronicIllness #Pain #edit

Don't miss the Opportunities #MentalHealth #giveback #Depression #Christian #beardformentalhealth #ChronicIllness #Pain #Grace

When your past catches up to you in the best of ways!

I am so thankful for this day, just today. I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. How do you respond today?


'Hey Bearded I heard a story from u when u used 2 use hard drugs what was the pivotal moment that made u want to change and take action. '


“I am not sure. I became frustrated that I was not good at dying so had to become better at living. Maybe *so, maybe God, maybe I can be cowardly deep down and it's harder facing life than death, **I needed to not be cowardly**. I hated the endless cycle of screwing up, the resulting depression/suicide thoughts and attempts, I hate the idea that I was in a hamster wheel, and had to get out, not knowing what that would entail, I did it anyway. It is still very, very hard, but have been a lot happier recently. How you been? Anything I can do to help?”

I am so much further from perfect than I am from my 'past' yet I am proud of myself today. Celebrate the small victories, and give back.

We are **NOT**carried through these storms without purpose, we are destined to use our stories, even our raw ones, as long as they are truthful, they can be used for good, for impact, maybe even to save another persons life.

There is something to be said, lots actually, about receiving a lesson when giving to others.

Enjoy your day, don't miss the opportunities.

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We can find our natural flow when struggling with our mental health #Selfcare #allignment #purpose #MentalHealth #selfsabatoge

How often do you find yourself contemplating making choices. Do I order out or cook something healthy? Do I sit on my comfy couch snacking or get up and get moving? Do I stick it out where I’m stagnant or try something new? Do I try to make small talk with the stranger next to me or pretend they’re not there?

If you sit with contemplation for too long you’ll be met with stagnation. You know, that place where you feel stuck and you can’t quite remember how you got there. Having the freedom to make choices is great, but us humans tend to overcomplicate. We know what choices would benefit us, but we lean towards what feels familiar to us. What feels good. It’s great to live in the moment, but it’s also important to care for yourself in a way that your future you will benefit from. Entering unfamiliar territory can feel daunting. Putting ourselves in situations that scare us can trick our brains into thinking we’re making bad choices. That by acting differently or doing things differently shifts you to a place that feel unauthentic. I can tell you from experience, more often than not it’s not what it seems. Of course, our gut can guide us to finding our natural flow. We can mistake our self doubts, discomfort and grief over a past sense of identity as a “abort mission” signal.

How do we combat self sabatoge? I believe it’s moving towards flow. It’s important time be honest with ourselves and practice self compassion. That’s not always easy, so outside support can make a huge difference. Everyone has their own way of doing things. The way I go about my day is personal to me. My daily actions are a sum of choices I’ve made up throughout my life. These actions appear as a showcase of my ability or inability to honor my flow and truth not. What am I even saying? I find meaning in providing emotional support and resources to my peers. That’s what feels natural to me even if I’m not an expert yet. I’m a peer specialist. When I thought about becoming a cop awhile back I did not recognize the position did not align with me as a person. My personality. My skills. My temperament. Helping people sounded like something I’d enjoy, but it wouldn’t allow me to help people the way I’ve always wanted to. For a moment I had to sit back and acknowledge that perhaps I was pushing myself towards a path due to the power, security and the heroic praise they receive. It felt forced. It felt like I’d have to change my entire personality. My mental health would only remain stable for so long being in such a state of turmoil. Consider the same for you, but it can be in other aspects of your life. In order to align with your flow it’s important to understand yourself: your needs, desires, physical health, mental health etc. like myself, if you lost your sense of identity you will struggle with maintaining consistency in your life. The sooner you get to know yourself the easier it will be to make decisions and ones that contribute to a fulfilling life.

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What got me through 2021 and finding my purpose in life. I am thankful for this journal.

Writing saved my life and helped me to find my purpose

#purpose #lifesaver #Writing #Journal #Life #findingmypurpose

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Purpose: how do we define it?

If we feel the quote above is true, then perhaps a new purpose means :

Discovery of the things you have in common and enjoy doing with those you love.


Perhaps it’s it’s finding the interests that will bring you into a like-minded community.

What are your thoughts?

#Depression #Anxiety #purpose #EhlersDanlosSyndrome


Biggest fear

My biggest fear is if I couldn’t have children. If my body just won’t allow it. Me and my husband have been trying for a baby and so far not having any luck. Honestly makes me feel so sad at the thought of not being able to conceive. Kids are what makes life worth living, without them I feel like I have no purpose and am just existing not living #Depression #MentalHealth #Children #purpose


No purpose

Hi all, I’m just feeling particularly purposeless today. I hate the feeling - I have people who love me and people who I love - but for some reason I need more of a reason to live. #Depression #Anxiety #purpose