Maybe I’m a bit emotional. Trigger warning!

As someone who has struggled with being below normal weight (since birth might I add) I have never been “normal” (worst word in all the languages that have/will/are currently in use)when it comes to size.

I was a tiny little baby, I was a skinny toddler, my cheeks have never been chubby, I’ve never had a belly and I’ve never been comfortable in my own skin. No 5 year old should be self consious abou t how they look! No 21 year old should be sent for counseling by a university professor for avoiding food at a university gathering. No 25 year old should have soon-to-be (extended) family members telling them that they should eat more they look sickly. No one should EVER say something to anyone about their health unless they know the person very VERY EXTREMELY well!!!!!!

People who suffer from #Anorexia don’t think they should eat more because you said so, if anything I’ll be avoiding food even more now because then you can’t watch what I eat if I don’t. Eating disorders and body dismorphia are very real health issues that people struggle with, it is also much more a disturbance to daily life.

I know I have to eat or I will not be alive and become very sick. I’ve been very sick. I am aware that I control my #AnorexiaNervosa and not the other way around but, I am fighting a battle against my own instinct here. From my own personal experience I have found that I get triggered by people commenting on how much I eat and what I eat more than seeing pictures or media platforms. I’m different others don’t care what people say. Whatever you triggers are they are yours. The triggers for any mental or physical or emotional or physiological or any other category of illness are wide and diverse and unique to each individual. Don’t say things because you think it’s funny but you know it’s offensive or can hurt someone.

The moral of the story is, don’t comment, think just what you want but don’t say it. People’s battles are much harder and the effects are much deeper than you know.

#BeAware #AnorexiaNervosa #EatingDisorders #DontCommen #battles