So….I have had ten days off and it was good but man oh man they flew by. Now I love my job but even so it is very hard for me. So, I am feeling a little anxious about going back tomorrow. I am so grateful to be employed as I know so many people who can’t work. But I struggle with routine and I have to wake up by 330am to get to work in time. Sooooooo…..IT. IS. HARD. I thank my lucky stars that my job is somewhat flexible because I am late AT LEAST twice a week….sometimes I am late every single day. I know my lights need to be out at 7pm to be able to get up on time. I have NO IDEA why that is so difficult for me🤦‍♀️. Anyway….I am going to make that my main goa this week. LIGHTS OUT AT 7pm!!!! Wish me luck.