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    My last meeting with a difficult client

    Today was my last day with this job. Indeed, I work in a freelance working schedule, however, I used to take that as a job, I was there always the day and time she needed me.

    I know I need improvement as does everyone in this world. I take constructive feedback well, it helps me to grow, but everyone deserves respect.

    I recorded a video of a fragment of this last meeting. Thanks for your words, this episode happened without affecting my emotions too much. I uploaded the video

    She paid in advance for some hours, she wants reimbursement. of course, I will give her back the money, but I have made an experiment. It is curious how she never had time to reply to a question, she always wanted me to "figure it out myself", but then, I used to do what I thought it was best, and tried to be proactive. But later, she used to tell me that she didn't ask me to do it and that I should ask more questions.

    So, she never had time for a few minutes to reply to some questions/blockers that would help me to do my work. But now, she has been trying to connect with me all afternoon because she wants her money back. So, seems like, in the end, she hasn't been as busy as she always says she is...

    One of the main complaints was that my communication was an issue, my English is good enough to communicate, but still is not perfect, I know I need to improve, but I am a remote worker living in the 3rd world charging her 10 USD per hour. She won't find that rate there in her country with an English native speaker.

    Thanks again :)

    #Impostorsyndrome #Anxiety #Burnout #worklifebalance #Depression #Respect


    Somewhere in Between

    I started something I hope will grow into amazing. Visit!!! This is a project I am passionate about and I want to grow into something wonderful!!! Parents of special needs and medically complex kids are stuck. They're stuck between lawmakers and insurance companies and medical providers;they're stuck between work/life balance. Somewhere In Between is my blog where I share my journey with these in between spaces and I hope to grow a community that is empowered to make change in the world, even if it's small #MedicallyComplexChild #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #InclusionAndSpecialNeeds


    Back to work tomorrow #worklifebalance #rest #routine #earlymornings

    So….I have had ten days off and it was good but man oh man they flew by. Now I love my job but even so it is very hard for me. So, I am feeling a little anxious about going back tomorrow. I am so grateful to be employed as I know so many people who can’t work. But I struggle with routine and I have to wake up by 330am to get to work in time. Sooooooo…..IT. IS. HARD. I thank my lucky stars that my job is somewhat flexible because I am late AT LEAST twice a week….sometimes I am late every single day. I know my lights need to be out at 7pm to be able to get up on time. I have NO IDEA why that is so difficult for me🤦‍♀️. Anyway….I am going to make that my main goa this week. LIGHTS OUT AT 7pm!!!! Wish me luck.


    Just trying to rest... #worklifebalance #Restday

    Feeling so grateful for weekends right now. It was a long week and I am really enjoying the downtime. I needed it!

    Of course, it is also kinda hard for me to just rest. I also feel like I should be doing something. I mean...there is stuff that needs done. It is really hard to ignore undone stuff 🤦‍♀️.

    I guess I could turn in some resumes. Can do that sitting here. Gotta find a better job 🤦‍♀️

    #Sarcoidosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Migraine #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Depression #Anxiety


    Work Life #Anxiety #Depression #worklifebalance

    Just sitting around today dreading work. So super annoying. A friend of mine just messaged me and said, ‘I don’t think about work like you do. I only think about it right before bedtime.’ Geez, I really wish I could do that. #Sarcoidosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigue

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    Walk slower and do one thing at a time

    It’s so easy to rush about. Who cares if some things on my to do list are not completed today? Today I felt the pressure to finish a project at work but I slowed right down and took my time. I’ll finish it first thing tomorrow morning. This internal pressure I felt has put me into burnout before so today I noticed it and ignored the pressure. It felt good too.

    There is always something else to do, so it’s endless. I’m also mindful it’s only halfway through the working week so I’d rather pace it than need a day off on Friday.

    I’m happy I can notice this now and alter my direction.

    What things do you notice that put yourself under pressure to perform? #Depression #Anxiety #Burnout #Effexor #worklifebalance #Mindfulness


    Starting a new job in 3 weeks after raising my two kids for 8 years. Any advice on how to cope with the added tasks and busy work life balance? 🌺

    #themightylife #coping #worklifebalance #newchallenges #feelingguilty #Parenting #Lawyers


    Reflecting, recovering, self affirmation #cowdens #ASD #Parenting #Caregiver #worklifebalance #Trauma #DomesticAbuse survivor

    I took a nap today for a couple of hours. I woke up , eyes burning from exhaustion but with clarity as follows
    A mom of a large family with a disabled child (whose school is on again off again) with a grandchild on tbe way who also is being a spouse, laundress, housekeeper, cook, managing her own medical/emotional journey who is clocking in fifty hours a week at an extremely high stress profession is going to lose it. It may be fast an obvious to all, it may be more subtle but I’m definitely losing my “shiitake mushrooms “ and so would everyone else. Cause I’m attempting to do something entirely unmanageable. . So my goal this weekend is to be kind to myself, understanding of my limitations and encourage everyone to do tbe same #Chat #rant #nojudgement #listening


    Kindness/doormat #anxious #DomesticAbuseSurvivor #Parent #worklifebalance #Vent #Chat #anger #cowdens

    So, I was on call for work tonight and got pulled in for an extra shift. That’s bad enough. I had to float to the unit I detest and that’s worse. To make it worse I’m being totally taken advantage of by my partner. First she showed up forty minutes late. Then she took an hour dinner break. Now it’s over two hours on break proper. In tbe meanwhile I haven’t peed. I like to treat my coworkers well I deeply resent being taken advantage of. Thanks for listening


    Self care is a challenge #Selfcare #cowdens #Parenting #worklifebalance #Family #Parenting #Caregiver

    So, I had my twice a year visit with the oncologist and I really really need to schedule that hysterectomy. I have a large family and don’t want more kids, and it’s not like I don’t know I need it I’ve been kicking the can down the road for two years and at least three opinions. I can go for a third opinion but it’s not like I think they are going to say something else. I’m having a hard time scheduling for the following reasons I’ve identified I think they are all dumb and toxic and I’d love encouragement that I’m doing tbe right thing by scheduling in February (once both Covid vaccine doses are in )1. I feel guilty about letting my boss down - I’ll be out for three months
    2. I feel guilty about letting my family down I won’t be as present as usual
    3. My mother doesn’t believe in surgery I kicked the thyroidectomy down tbe road for at least a decade because I didn’t want to let her down
    4. I don’t want to feel unfeminine
    5. I’m scared of a long recovery
    6. I’m scared of being needy
    7. My poor husband will have to take some time off and his boss will be a jerk
    Help me navigate this emotional maelstrom it’s not like I have it together on a good day #Chat #Hysterectomy #moods #cowdens