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A change in routine

Today is Labor Day &, as such, I do not have classes. I'm supposed to be happy that I do not have to wake up at 6:30am & that I can spend the day doing whatever I want but I am not. It was a struggle to make myself not wake up 6:30am & even now I am in the library working on schoolwork as I try to adhere as closely to my routine as possible. But even though I want to adhere to my routine, the very fact that it is *not* my routine gives me anxiety & makes it harder for me to focus. #Autism #routine #ADHD


Routine and mental health

Through my time of working with different therapists they have pretty much all said having a routine each day helps with anxiety and depression. I'm unable to work so obviously would probably be very beneficial to me and when I am more occupied through the day I do feel better. The only problem is I can't stick to it. I was wondering if anyone else struggles with this and if anyone has any tips? #routine #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PanicAttacks


Lazy, and worried about being lazy

Oh, my! I've been trying so hard to be an organized person, to have a routine that allows me to heal... and I haven't been able to do it.

Every day I set up my alarm at 8 and promise myself to wake up, eat breakfast, go for a walk, clean, take a shower, journal... and, guess what? I hit snooze, wake up an hour or so later, scroll through social media and finally get out of bed at 10 or 11. I barely eat breakfast, it takes me a whole lot of energy to clean up, and after that I just take a shower and have to cook lunch. After that, I start working and I'm free until 9.

I'm just so exhausted! I needed to get this out of my system. Definitely. #Depression #Anxiety #routine #Work #Planning #Journal

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A healthy morning routine

Healthy habits and routines are stepping stones to achieving your goals.

Do you have a morning or bed time routine?

#HealthyHabits #MorningRoutine #routine #healthyroutine #happyandhealthy

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Morning and night routines

A lot of achieving your goals comes down to routine. We will be going over routine in the workshop next week.

Do you have a daily, morning, or night routine?

#routine #MorningRoutine #nightroutine #Bedtimeroutine


Seasonal sleep rhythms

I feel like I'm just waiting for February when my sleep rhythm will start to shift again. In the darkest winter months, it's so hard for me to sleep at night and I just want to sleep all day. I'm really struggling this week...and it's only Monday 😬

Does anyone else experience seasonal shifts in your sleep rhythms?

#Upallnight #SeasonalAffectiveDisorder #hibernation #routine


Back to work tomorrow #worklifebalance #rest #routine #earlymornings

So….I have had ten days off and it was good but man oh man they flew by. Now I love my job but even so it is very hard for me. So, I am feeling a little anxious about going back tomorrow. I am so grateful to be employed as I know so many people who can’t work. But I struggle with routine and I have to wake up by 330am to get to work in time. Sooooooo…..IT. IS. HARD. I thank my lucky stars that my job is somewhat flexible because I am late AT LEAST twice a week….sometimes I am late every single day. I know my lights need to be out at 7pm to be able to get up on time. I have NO IDEA why that is so difficult for me🤦‍♀️. Anyway….I am going to make that my main goa this week. LIGHTS OUT AT 7pm!!!! Wish me luck.


Feeling lost

As my mood and anxiety have had some improvements, probably due to these new meds, I am finding myself feeling rather lost. I moved back to my home country just a few months before everything got shut down due to the pandemic, so I didn't have much of an opportunity to establish "normal" routines here. I've also become increasingly socially withdrawn (beyond normal covid precautions) over the past six months so that now I have zero in-person social interactions and very few online social communications either.

Because of this situation, it's not a question of getting "back to normal" once my mood improves and is stable - I don't really even feel at home here still. I don't know where to start or what to do. I talked with my new therapist a few days ago, but she seemed a bit bewildered by my situation too, so that wasn't very helpful.

#lost #MentalHealth #Medication #routine #Depression #Anxiety

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What is your morning pain routine ? #ChiariMalformation #ChronicPain

Today was a brutal pain day. And just hauling by butt to the kitchen to get my routine started was almost impossible. But I know if I don’t start my morning with my “essentials” that I have no chance of surviving the pain. I do a giant ice water with two nuun tablets for electrolytes and vitamins, a coffee with chaga and lions mains mushrooms for my liver and to fight brain fog (sometimes with a protein shake when I can’t eat solids ). And my ever important cannabis for pain and nausea, thankfully I’m in Canada! What helps you stop the pain from taking over in the morning?? #Pain #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #routine


Starting my month and my morning with hope! #Hope #routine #Yoga #Meditation

I downloaded this new app called Insight Timer and joined a group meditation practice of 9 minutes. Felt great. Then after there was a short live stream of a yoga class and I joined that too. Here's to a new month!