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Today we awoke to the house at 57°F. When we went to bed... it was 73°F inside. I awoke my husband after turning on the heated blanket for our youngest to curl up in. My husband got up trying to figure out the heat situation, while the oldest helped get the little ones breakfast... and I helped them get dressed. Then, I got our school stuff ready to start the school day by 9am.
I had to call around and get an address fixed for packages I got a notification for with the wrong address. That was fun (sarcasm).
We have a couple sensory kids. So I also have to struggle to get incents and sensory gear around... as my child #meltsdown , #senoryoverload .
In the meantime, I get a call setting up my oldest child's school schedule because he is switching to He is also a child with #SensoryIssues and with some #accomidations .
Seems there's not enough time in a day, or me to go around.
When I snuggle up with the baby and take a nap, which I rarely do ... I usually get snide comments. If only I had the remote from the movie Click. Sometimes, it would be handy.
I awoke to a #Headache . My head was pounding and it was dinner time. #eat #headachemedicine # heatedblanket