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I’m broken. #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder

Thinking and holding everything together, staying strong and not allowing myself to spiral. I’m broken today. I can’t do anything. The fatigue is debilitating even for mundane stuff. My stomach growling but my brain’s not hungry and my mouth refused to cooperate too.

But I sought help today. Was given medication but they scared me. Am I crazy? Do I need these? The pill gave me such a dull throbbing headache smacked at the center of my brain. I feel nauseous and disoriented.

I’m scared of these tiny pills. They seems
like a scalpel digging and probing my brain and it hurts.

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Truth! My whole life is proof that if you give it your best effort, you can get a handle on life and all the obstacles that it throws at you. Enjoy the good times to get you through those hard times.

As one of my life altering quotes that I came across before my waist-down leg reconstruction surgeries said: The best way out, is always through. -Robert frost

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10 things to say to respond to "Migraine is Just a Headache" from our friends at the American Migraine Foundation

I found this brilliant article from the American Migraine Foundation and it's the 10 things to say when you are told as one who has Migraine, that it's "all just a headache".

It was worth the read as many of my responses to that phrase cannot be repeated in polite company...so I may have to start using some of these instead...

10 Ways to Respond to “Migraine Is Just a Headache”

10 Ways to Respond to “Migraine Is Just a Headache”

Many people still believe that "migraine is just a headache." We know it's more than that. Here are 10 ways to respond to such critics.
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Rough day

I'm really sick today. I drank a bottle of magnesium citrate last night and it didn't kick in until this morning. My tummy really hurts and my head is pounding. I think maybe I have a caffeine withdrawal headache. I ran out of coffee yesterday morning. I ordered some coffee and it's coming next week. One bag of coffee is coming on Sunday. I found a carton of cappuccino powder so I've been drinking that. It's tasty but it's not the same. I don't have any caffeinated tea. I just gotta make it to Sunday.

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So Hemiplegic Migraine is Just a Headache?

What do all these symptoms have in common?

Muscle weakness on one side of your body.

Vision changes (blind spots, flashing lights, zig-zag patterns, double vision).

Numbness or tingling sensations in your face, arms and legs.

Difficulty with speech.



These are the symptoms of hemiplegic migraine that I have been dealing with for over 20 years and in particular, in the last two weeks...

Hemiplegic migraines can affect your muscles, speech and vision in ways other types of migraines don’t. The symptoms can last for a few hours to days and rarely can last up to four weeks. The symptoms resolve completely in a majority of the cases.

You’ll know you’re having a hemiplegic migraine after you lift both arms over your head. One of your arms will likely feel heavy and be more difficult to raise and keep upright than the other. You will probably lose all motor control in your body (for me it's from head to toe on my left side), you'll be unable to speak, or slur your words, feel disorientated and confused and want to sleep for days...

www.migraine.org.au has more information on Hemiplegic Migraine and the other subtypes of Migraine and next time you hear someone say they have a migraine, remember...IT'S NOT JUST A HEADACHE!!

It is a day to day reality for people in the world...just like me!

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