My #emotinallypsycholoicallyabusive spouse is receiving radiation treatment for prostate; he has continued to enjoy bar/social settings, despite his health status. My siblings were due to travel to my home for Christmas. He prefers they do not; doesn’t want a small gathering in his home. Aha! He is now miserable, having to, (I believe for the first time in his life) face the selfishness , double standards and hipocrasy that are #hardwired within him. Hmm…no way he’ll catch Covid in the neighborhood bar but he doesn’t want my family in my home; might catch Covid from them? He thinks his current misery is due to his holiday decision. NO! I told him. He’s feeling sorry for himself; he’s been a #narcissistic hpocritcal #Bully his whole life; these “tools” are not working this time!!! He’s grappling at straws, having to step outside of himself and face who he is.
Karma? Perhaps! His journey is his. Good luck with that dear.
#GAD #Depression #Bipolar1 ADDADHD