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What was it like growing up with 2 narcissists parents?

I for one will tell you 1st hand that it sucks! A lot of my followers know that I have bpd, due to mentioning it very often in my post. My dad was all about bragging on what he spent on someone else to get them out of a financial jam and bring it up continuously to make you feel inferior, and my mom wanted to elevate herself above everyone, competing to her kids to the point of invalidating them, yep this was my life growing up. So, for those that have a longer life span on you meaning you've lived a bit longer, well when Wal-Mart was transitioning for a retail store to food and retail now called the supercenter my mom took a frozen chicken and hit me over the head with it and started laughing. this was a joke to her, and I was in a bit of pain... Shocked more than anything because she did it so everyone could see it that was shopping in the store. My mom would make us cry by hitting us or manipulating us then tell us to shut up as if she didn't cause us to cry. My mom played more mind games than you could imagine in the run of a week. #narcissistic #Bipolar #mentaldisorder #BPD

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Parental Discipline

Choose one
267 days left
Parent(s) whupped me out of anger
Parent(s) whupped me out of love
Never got a whupping, whipping
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Possible Sibling Rivalry

4% ●
I'm a woman and can't stand my sister
0% ●
I'm a guy and can't stand my brother
17% ●
I'm a woman and love my sister very much
8% ●
I'm a guy and love my sister very much
4% ●
I'm a guy and dislike my sister a lot
17% ●
I'm a woman and dislike my brother a lot
13% ●
I Was abused by my sibling(s)
17% ●
The best way for us to get along is to stay apart
13% ●
My sibling is Mean & Nasty
8% ●
I look up to my sibling like a parent
24 votes
24 votes3 reactions1 comments

Narcissistic Parent(s)

22% ●
I would cry of course
8% ●
It would emotionally destroy me
10% ●
I would be happy I wouldn't have to deal with them anymore
17% ●
Relived / Stress Free
7% ●
Hope they let me some money
7% ●
Be really hurt for my other siblings, not for me
20% ●
I already prepared myself in advance for them passing away
10% ●
Even though it would hurt a little / I would be very happy
60 votes
60 votes32 reactions16 comments
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Did your parents ever force you to wear shoes that didn't fit as a child - teenage years?

My Narc mom was mean and cheap. My father would give us money every year for shoes for school and my mom would steal the money from us by not putting the money all on our shoes but split the amount in half and buy us some cheap shoes that would last about 6 months. So, I got hip to that I would tell her I didn't want any shoes and start crying and then when dad would come home, I would tell him where I wanted to go to get shoes and he would take me to the store and I never wore Nikes or reeboks until I was 16 years old all the other shoes, I wore were generic. The best shoes I got from them were PONY sneakers and I would be so happy like I had Jodan's or Airmax or something equivalent. But when I got my own job at a restaurant at age 16, I bought my own shoes. #BPD #narcissistic #OCD #Autism

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Do Narcissistic Women and Borderline Men Attract each other?

People with Borderline Personality and Narcissistic Personality Disorders can find one another attractive and may actually forge more stable relationships with one another, at times, than they can with people without personality disorders. #BPD #narcissistic #MentalHealth #MentalIllness

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Narc Mom & BPD Kids

Select all that apply
270 days left
Siblings are mean towards each other
Siblings are just sibling with a mental disorder or not
Sister tried to blame me to mom for stuff she did
Sister was just vindictive
Brother was manipulative
Sister always acted like a Narc
Sister was so jealous of me
Always had panic attacks when around my sister
My brother treated like I wasn't part of the family
My sister treated me like I wasn't part of the family
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BPD Adults can display Narcissistic Traits

Select all that apply
272 days left
Mom was very manipulative
Dad was very manipulative
Mom Never Told Me She Love Me
Mom Never hugged me without me hugging her first
Mom was Jealous of me
Dad was jealous of me and was so competitive
Emotionally Abusive Parent(s)
Parent(s) made me the Surrogate Spouse
Mom was always mean / strict around the house
Parent(s) were overly possessive of me
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Does my spouse really know who I am?

A person can be married 20+ years to the most supportive spouse in the world. Sounds like a dream, even though they are available for them around the clock, but the spouse knows about his partners mental illness but to what degree it can escalate they have yet to find out one day.#BPD #ADHD #Bipolar #narcissistic #Autism

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Thought of the Day Thursday December 8th

Every time I look in the mirror, I see someone that is sad, depressed, lonely and totally empty. This is not the same person I saw when I was much younger, that person was happy and full of life and ready to conquer any task thrown his or her way. Being bullied continuously by someone from your childhood can really have a negative impact on your adult life.#Depression #BPD #ADHD #narcissistic #narcissistic

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