Been anxious most of the time and not feeling of doing anything even some simple tasks, getting out of bed, eating and a lot of things. Having difficulty sleeping, totally restless since this year started. 😶

I’ve been trying meditation, positive self talk, manifest positive energy and all but seems like it’s not working at all. Maybe because I am trying so hard to avoid this pain. I have been dealing with this pain for quite a while and I feel like I shouldn’t deal with it anymore because it’s been too long and I shouldn’t be feeling this anymore. I thought this new year is the time to just move on. Perhaps the time has not come yet and I shouldn’t rush the healing process.
Or maybe I just don’t want to move on? Idk. 🥲
Just dealing with a lot of things. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting and feeling like I’m at the edge of a cliff. #Anxiety #emotionalpain #physicalpain #emotionaldistress