I had a flare last year - a lot of inflammation with preceding adrenal fatigue and treatment.
Pelvis was excuritiating and slipped significantly after being locked as long as I can remember.

Tension from my 10/11th rib down to my groin was so tight I had to lift the area and it snapped after a few weeks breaking the 10th rib off and dislocating two ribs

Following this my pelvis dislocated from the Pubic symphysis, coccyx twisted and was very mobile for a few weeks making my spine move around and I struggled to stand up.

Flare worsened and everything was subluxing and dislocating. I lost ability to walk, couldn’t eat or drink for 7 days ( lithium toxicity for bipolar treatment due to dehydration )

My neck became so mobile I couldn’t cold my head up and my ribs would splay when I would try to sleep,

‘ Recovering ‘ has been long - its 13 months since and I’m struggling with complications ( which as always ) seems to be a symptom no one knows.
I have fasciitis so the fascia is pulling muscles out of place and I can’t isolate or use the correct muscles so I could be walking and glute is inactive from restriction and another muscle compensates.

The ribs healed with bone spurs and one rib is stuck underneath the others, I can feel it’s stopping the movement and most definitely a large part of the problem.

I am in discomfort / mainly pain 24/7 which I have adjusted to mentally with 110 tachycardia resting heart rate and nausea 24/7 worsening when my pain gets to high,

The worst part is that the skin pills on my head and across my face it’s so uncomfortable it gives me anxiety and releasing anything only moves the restrictions, eg one hip is always very affected so I can’t walk without a flappy drop leg 😂

( diagnosis of DDD also worst on spine and neck & hernia c6/7 pushing “significantly onto the spinal cord restricting “ )

Does anyone relate to what I’m saying ??? I know it’s convoluted.

I have fibromyalgia and POTs so the lack of exercise is affecting my blood pressure and yet if I exercise I get fever and flare for days.

Any treatments for
Rib bone spur / bad break healing - rib trapped
Muscle relaxants that aren’t sedatives.
Treatment suggestions??? Or consultant specialiity
What the hell is going on and why is there no narrative on fasciitis affecting the whole body

Tagging eosinophic fasciitis in case anyone can shed light my symptoms don’t fit,

… hands swelling from pressure or lack of blood flow. Shoulders out and that fancied it.

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #EosinophilicFasciitis #EDS #Dysautonomia #Fibromyalgia