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True understanding or fake sensitivity?

Well the holiday season is now upon us. Friends, relatives, distant aquaintances... ugh. How many times in one hour of a family get together do you have to explain yourself?
I suffer chronic migraines and have a few other chronic pain issues. Lots of loud people in small spaces with multiple colognes, food smells, scented candles... recipe for me to vomit. #gagΒ 
Β How many times do you have the family member who probably means well, that starts telling everyone "oh she having one her spells," Β or " just try to avoid so and so as to not make her feel any worse" Β  oh, or how about the lovely... " if you honestly feel so bad all the time then why bother to even come to these things, you just bring everyone down?"
Anyone else just wish you could vomit on command and just dump it all on their pretty holiday shoes? Β  How do ya"ll deal with this type of situation? I do a fairly good job of faking I feel good, but I cant stand the be on the receiving end of the fake sensitivity.
Like, if you don't want me here, don't bother to invite me.
How do you get through the holiday festivities?
#Migraine #fakepeople #Sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired