I have many disabilities if I sit down & think about all of them; single sided deaf, acoustic neuroma (surgery for it made me SSD), chronic vertigo, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, eczema, stress, PTSD. That could be all. With having this 3rd colonoscopy, I’m wondering if I might have IBS-C or slow \stomach or something. My SIL & one of her daughters have IBS-D.

In my first, I got a lecture about doing a complete prep. I did take everything I was supposed to, but my body is just slow. In the second colonoscopy, I got well washed and stuff removed from 3-4 diverticuli. How horrible to see something I ate c ome out. Yuck. This time, I am on a 3 day liquid diet. Broth and apple juice are my most exciting meals. I’m praying for a squeaky clean backside on Friday. I’ve had 2 pre-cancerous polyps removed. My dad died of colon cancer. I take this test very seriously. I’m worried about the insurance charges will be. Has anyone else here had an invasive test one/week for 3 weeks in a row? My fibromyalgia is in superflare. I don’t want or need any sedation. I’m taking Lyrica at 300 mg/day, xanax at 4 mg/day, Effexor xr 150 mg/day, Wellbutrin 300 mg/day, Trazodone to help me sleep. My pain is at 10, well, WAY past a 10. I had one nurse pressing on my lower abdomen while someone pressed my back. It didn’t hurt.

Has anyone had a major round of events like this? How has it impacted your life? My fingers are too painful to do knitting. I’m trying to really figure it out. How long will recovery be? How much am I getting hurt if I don’t even feel pressure as they are going through my bowels? (Photo from my painful trip to Key West, Florida in early April. Our 2 kids not fighting, standing side by side, looking off our balcony. It was bliss.) #fibrmyalgia #Colonoscopy # pain-levels, #IBS -C #Anxiety , #Depression