fractals of sanity
Overlapping between the cacophony of incessant chorus of self loathing and depression.

A diseased riddled mind popping pills
and flood the wires of chemical compound happiness
Zombified and caffeine addled shell of a human.

Depression is a parasite and you are its host.
It creeps into your mind taking hold,
nicotine stained fingers reach for another cigarette to quell the void just to feel

something and for a moment the brain is satisfied.

Sleeping in dirty dark caverns that once resembled your living space, too tired to clean
A weeks worth of garbage and dirty clothes are your new carpet.

Tear stained cheeks is the latest foundation, and snot nose is the latest pimple creme.
The littlest things trip an emotional roller coaster that you just can’t stop.

Food is your enemy eating becomes a chore and food begins to taste like cardboard with salt and pepper...

We’ve all been depressed...but what if you’re locked in a permanent prison with your own insanity?
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