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Sleep issues

My ptsd and anxiety have been making it so hard to sleep lately I take my sleeping pills which just got dosed up to 200mg but it’s still taking 4-5 hours before I can actually fall asleep , what are some things that can help ?
It’s like my mind just can’t stop cycling through traumas or constant thoughts of what ifs #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Anxiety #Trauma #IntrusiveThoughts

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Intrusive thoughts #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #IntrusiveThoughts

I’m sitting 🪑 here waiting for me to leave to start my shift at work and I have so many intrusive thoughts and feelings going on. I’m definitely not comfortable in this job I am supposed to have a interview scheduled for tomorrow. This is for a seemingly less stressful job. I can’t function properly at my current job because I’m extremely stressed and uncomfortable and that interrupts my ability to preform the required job functions. But it doesn’t stop 🛑 there it seems that even at home 🏡 when not working I experience consistent intrusive thoughts regardless. Because of everything that’s happening and have happened in the last few weeks in my life. I still haven’t recovered from separating from my wife and being forced to move in with my sister. And now someone who was like a brother to me seemingly has distanced himself from me. It’s hard because he was my only irl friend. I am struggling with coping with all this #CheckInWithMe

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Making friends

Hello. My name is Jill. I have been struggling with anxiety for years and I feel now that I’m in this place where I just feel stuck all the time. I feel this brain fog that comes and goes daily. I also have intrusive thoughts and irrational thoughts. I am looking for people to chat with and share experiences so we don’t feel so alone. I want to know if people are going through the same thing. #Anxiety #IntrusiveThoughts

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EMDR for intrusive thoughts?

Has anyone done EMDR for intrusive thoughts? Specifically self-harm intrusive thoughts. Did it help? Thanks! #Depression #Anxiety #OCD #IntrusiveThoughts

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“Intrusive” Thoughts?

I have struggled with three very specific, repetitive, intrusive thoughts since 2017 (yes, that was a bad year and my depression hit an all-time low), and the intensity of the thoughts has increased or stayed consistent since. On an average day, I have between 120-180 thoughts (just these three, not counting other thoughts)
The thoughts are (for the most part) the exact same wording every time, and self-harming in nature. I say they’re intrusive because they are unwanted and I feel like I have no control over them - they happen both triggered and seemingly untriggered. But at the same time, they don’t seem to fit in to any type of category. I have other “typical” intrusive thoughts about myself, depressive thoughts, etc, but these “sound” different. They have a different tone to them.
I have talked about them with different therapists, but I always feel like they don’t quite get it. My current therapist has suggested talking to my doctor about medication to help with the frequency (I do already take medication for depression). Can anyone relate? #IntrusiveThoughts #MajorDepressiveDisorder

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When working hurts

#Depression #IntrusiveThoughts #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD I need your advice from the community. I have been invested in my work and happily committed to the team. The group often sees me as a leader, and they often verbalize how I’m not a supervisor or manager. In general, my friends often tell me I suffer from imposter syndrome and that I don’t give myself credit for all I do. This time, for the first time, I felt it was time for a Promotion I had worked hard to earn. I just got out of my alignment meeting, and I received recognition for all of my work, but no promotion was offered. I asked why if I lead the team and a project I’m in charge of, I can’t still get the promotion. My manager said I needed to be exposed in the construction phase to demonstrate capacity. After I left the meeting, I realized that a new member of the team was included in the work as supervisor, she came from another division with no prior experience in our program and construction. I was devastated and I feel that no matter the effort, I’m never good enough. So why bother?

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Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts of Hurting Myself. If I have Intrusive Thoughts of "what if I end my own life" am I in danger/need to see a doctor?

#IntrusiveThoughts #Anxiety

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Working on this one 🥺😢🌸🌈❤️

Tough times lately either really good days or really bad days and it’s tough fighting your head and body everyday

Finding a balance each day

Appreciate any positive vibes or prayers etc my way! :( and I’ll do the same for you! #Anxiety #struggling #Gooddays #Baddays #Selflove #tough #IntrusiveThoughts #racingthoughts #Trying #triggers #Shame #PTSD #MightyTogether #Tryinghard #tough #sucks #sad #Hope #Depression #SocialAnxiety #BPD #MentalHealth

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Insomnia & Anxiety

I'm still wide awake but I'm so exhausted. Physically, emotionally, mentally I'm spent. I'm brokenhearted that I let people use & take advantage of me too often. Every friendship I have is one sided. I give even when I have nothing to give because that's who I am. None of my friends reciprocate when I'm in need of a friend. I am so sad & alone. Why do I even try? #IntrusiveThoughts #lonely #anxious #Bipolar #doormat

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💔 🌺🫶Definitely needed to see this today. For anyone struggling, myself included I really hope this will give you some hope, even if it’s a little bit. #MajorDepression #Anxiety #ChronicPain #Stressedout #IntrusiveThoughts #Asthma #ChronicMigraines #MightyTogether

…will it ever be different?!

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