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One Day I Will Be Whole

I am the fragments of a puzzle

missing too many pieces

to be put together,

but still I seek completeness.

I am the barrenness of winter,

a tree naked to its roots,

but still I seek to be

clothed with new life.

I am the meandering of a labyrinth,

lost in twists and turns,

but still I seek to grow closer

to the truth at my core.

~ one day I will be whole

by Katie Harazim #mightypoetry

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Delicate, Origami Crane

This poem I wrote speaks to the constant chaos of trying to understand one’s ever-shifting emotions, and the futile attempts to drown it all out through dangerous or addictive behavior.


chaos, her drug of choice
injected in bruised vain
the highs scorch her
while the lows unfold her
like a delicate, origami crane

#MightyPoets #mightypoetry #MentalHealth #Bipolar2Disorder #Addiction

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Isolation is a clown’s smile

Painted red

Isolation is a lover

Because its kisses are sweet

Isolation is a tiger’s claw

Extended weapon

Isolation is a cloak

Like nights lure

Isolation is fear

Will you even know?

Isolation is a capturer

Stockholm’s friend

Isolation is mental illness

Because it’s all in your “head”

Isolation is a deadly prison

Like Bethlem screams

Isolation is voices

No one else can hear

Isolation is


#mightypoetry #Poetry #Suicide #poems #MentalHealth #Psychosis




A durability
Strength lies within
The sturdy nature of it
This word serves me well in my life

I have shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity
Demonstrated unbreakable resolution while surrounded by chaos
Survived substantial blows with my formidable resistance
Formed an indestructible centre that refuses to waiver

I have remained strong and stout throughout the storms
Valiantly illustrated what remaining rigid can look like
Endured endless taunting without sounding off on it
Created a solid base in which to firmly stand on

A ruggedness
Hardwearing at the core
The long lasting make up of it
This word takes on my heavy duty life #mightypoetry

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Night Struggle

Nights are the worst for me. Insomnia. Depression. Anxiety. Boredom. Pain. Frustration. Everything just gets so much more difficult to handle when the sun goes down.


The sun falls to the ground
pushed by the stalking night
she clings to the horizon
as the sky bleeds bright red light

The moon spotlights the dark's offense
beating back the black curtain
but the night will reoffend
of that you can be certain

I cringe beneath the midnight glare
fierce and forsaken
sitting astride the night's mare
wishing I could awaken

Galloping wild across the hellscape
I remind myself to just hold on
the sun watches for the night's retreat
and together we make a break for dawn

- Remy Soberanes

#MightyPoets #mightypoetry #mightypoems #Depression #Anxiety #Insomnia #ChronicPain

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Writing is therapeutic

I've been in a pretty dark place lately. Moving has driven home (once again) just how painful and fucked up my body is. The first trip in decades that I've planned just for me, purely for fun, was supposed to be happening now but was cancelled because of the rising covid rates. I've had 2 potential dates ghost me because they were intimidated by my falling apart body. When my brain heads off on a dark path, I try to write... but that's hard to do when it gets so dark I can no longer see the path in front of me. Still, I know writing helps me find my way and working within the structure of a specific type of poetry gives me boundaries that help me feel a little less out of control. This morning (and the darkest parts of my mood) slipped away as I worked and reworked the words of this poem:

ink flows in my veins
from my dark heart & sparks
ebony soul fire

- Remy Soberanes


#MightyPoets #mightypoetry #ChronicIllness #Depression #ChronicPain #hypermobilityspectrumdisorder #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #Dysautonomia


fractals of sanity
Overlapping between the cacophony of incessant chorus of self loathing and depression.

A diseased riddled mind popping pills
and flood the wires of chemical compound happiness
Zombified and caffeine addled shell of a human.

Depression is a parasite and you are its host.
It creeps into your mind taking hold,
nicotine stained fingers reach for another cigarette to quell the void just to feel

something and for a moment the brain is satisfied.

Sleeping in dirty dark caverns that once resembled your living space, too tired to clean
A weeks worth of garbage and dirty clothes are your new carpet.

Tear stained cheeks is the latest foundation, and snot nose is the latest pimple creme.
The littlest things trip an emotional roller coaster that you just can’t stop.

Food is your enemy eating becomes a chore and food begins to taste like cardboard with salt and pepper...

We’ve all been depressed...but what if you’re locked in a permanent prison with your own insanity?
#mightypoetry #Depression #IntrusiveThoughts #Intrusiveimages #foodhoard


"My Darkness" #mightypoetry , #poems , #Depression , #Cutting

The darkness invades
And it swallows me whole
Takes over my mind
My thoughts lose control

It envelopes my being
And takes any hope that I had
Sucks the life from my soul
Convincing me I'm going mad

I can't stop all the chaos
These dark times bring on
The desperate racing thoughts
Play like a melancholy song

I will try to block all the noise
By covering my ears
Absolutely knowing full well
It doesn't make my fear disappear

Hopelessness takes over
And the tears start to fall
I muster a silent scream
Wanting to be heard by all

But as always I'm all alone
So I just continue to cry
Paralyzed with depression
And with no reasons to try

My normal reaction to this pain
Is to use a razor so sharp
And cut deep so I'll feel
No more ache in my heart

As I watch the blood flow
The sting makes me feel alive
Feeling anything other
Than desperately wishing to die

But somehow I manage
To just take a deep breath
Wipe away all the tears
Always suffocating me to death

And then I'll start over
Until the next panic starts in
It's so hard being me
This life I can't win


#Depression , #darkness , #Cutting , #Poetry , #PanicAttacks , #SuicideIdeation

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