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Can anyone teach me ASL #AmericanSignLanguage #getmylifeback #help

I'm in dire need to learn ASL it I was told by my family that they were going to help me learn but this was april and it's like I'm not part of the house at all. I've been mute since Feb due to a medical issue. Every time I bring it up they say oh yeah will do it this weekend nothing since april. My mother knows sign she just refuses to teach me it seems. It's like I'm not part if the family anymore I wish she would just say what she wants to say. I heard her bad mouthing me the other day. Please can some one teach me please.

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Just found this community #Fibromyalgia #Depression

I am so glad to have found you! #introducingmyself I am a retired NICU nurse that had to leave my beloved profession because of 2 failed back surgeries. During the first surgery, my surgeon entered my dura and I sprung a leak losing some of my CSF. After surgery, I was worse off than I was before. I developed severe muscle spasms, severe spinal headache, and also intractable Back Pain. Probably related to the trauma of surgery I developed Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression.

I have tried too many therapies and strategies to deal with daily life with minimal help. I am not giving up though I will find an answer and get my life back #getmylifeback