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How to even have more faith in society? | TW mentions of exclusionism, some swearing, some all caps











I'm LGBTQ+. I'm transmasc non-binary. I'm otherkin (not human). I'm Black. I have autism (please don't call my autism a disorder/disability/syndrome) and anxiety, and someone with trauma. I cry very easily. I am overweight. I am a part of a plural/collective. I am non-romantically polyamorous. And every damn day, I feel like this world called society is just here to for the sole purpose to shit on others, betray others, or just to secretly judge others, including me.

Every day, it is getting much harder and harder to believe that there is a single damn individual out there (other than my current therapist, all of my partners, my dad, and a few friends) who has common sense, is open-hearted, is open-minded, and doesn't like to discriminate or invalidate others for being different or for experiencing different things, or labeling themselves differently. Sometimes, the anxiety gets to the point where it seems like going out is stupid for me. What's the point?

It's like almost every damn community I've been a part of (and left) and witnessed just LOVES to INVALIDATE OTHERS SOMEHOW?! It's so annoying and stupid and it's just like... why can't you just fucking accept someone for who they are??? All of this just makes me so fucking angry and just...!!

...Sigh. Now that that's off my chest... may I ask for advice on how to go about this? I already currently seeing a therapist, luckily. Right now, it is very very hard for me to get off this mindset because I believe it's true, sadly.. this society and all of other individuals' opinions is tearing me apart..

#MyAutismIsNotADisorder #MentalHealth #helpme #Vent #venting #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #SocialAnxietyDisorder #anger #help #Society #Advice #triggerwarning #Neurodiversity #LGBTQIA #plural #otherkin

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I'm drowning

Could really use some tips. Today is extremely hard. Can't even put into words what I'm going through. BPD crisis!!

#help !!!!

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Managing My Adhd 🤯

So I’ve been off the adderall for almost 6 months and it’s been difficult managing. I’ve been making lists like always but what are some other tips to help keep my life organized? #help #MentalHealth #ADHD #ADHDInGirls


All of my life Depressed

Hey guys. I’m 38 years, and I have been depressed all of my life, since I know myself. And I don’t seem to talk to any one about it. The last years I have been going through insomnia, everyday, can’t sleep at all, my mind just doesn’t shut. I feel tired, hopeless. Just had my second child, and with that my anxiety got worst, I get panic attacks, and scared about things. Right now it’s almost 5 am where I am, and I still didn’t sleep at all.
I feel like I’m getting sick inside and mentally.

#Depression #Insomnia #MentalHealth #ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #help

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Anyone has any good content writing jobs in mind that I can apply for? I’m losing my mind here and I’m in desperate need of help. If you can help me out that would mean alot.

I’m not a starter, I have worked as a content writer for many years and I’m really good at it. Please send suggestions and recommendations rightaway


#MentalHealth #help #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #Migraine #NowHiring

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A little help please…

I’m in this dark place again…I can’t seem to get out of it.. I actually had my daughter hide my sleeping pills from me… because I was tempted to take them all… I can’t seem to get my mind straight and it keeps on going down the rabbit hole… I’m not too sure where to go or what to do… help me get outta this funk… any or all advice is welcomed!!
#MentalHealth #Depression #BipolarDepression
#SuicidalThoughts #help I’ve tried to post here before but I don’t see it…

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Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis

After decades of knowing something was off, a dozen different therapists, as many different medications to find what works, and nearly giving up many times, I've been diagnosed with BPD. With the help of my therapist and much reading, I believe that quiet BPD is actually what I'm dealing with, NOT major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, or any of the other semi-diagnoses I've received over the years that never quite fit. I'm relieved to know the name of the beast I am facing... and scared, sad, and lonely. It is nice to put a name to the beast, but realizing the beast is bigger and scarier than I'd already known is difficult, and has left me feeling somehow more alone than before. I have nobody left. Nobody to share my fear or elation with. Nobody to care either way. Sometimes it feels like all that exists is me and the beast. I'm struggling to come up with meaningful reasons to continue living... can anyone help by giving me reasons that life, continuing to live, is worth the struggles entailed? I have a deep love of art, beauty, music, driving.

I love everything artistic: drawing, painting, photography... back before 2023, when I was still able to afford anything beyond what is necessary to live (God, do I desperately miss the 90's!), and could still afford art supplies. Beyond art and driving, which have both become too expensive to do daily as I used to, I'm not sure what to do with myself, my time, my future. The inflation and cost of living, bleakness of the daily news, lack of social life or family, have all combined to leave me feeling lost, stuck, without anchors. I've been stuck for months. Sleeping too much. Eating too little. I cry daily, usually multiple times. Any kindness, compassion, advice, or pointers would be greatly appreciated. #Borderline #BPD #help

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What do you do when the other person thinks you have a crush on them but you don’t anymore bc they’re making u feel uncomfortable?

I had a crush on this guy who lives next door at my apartment. When I moved in he said to let him know if I wanted to hang out because he likes to play piano and I play flute. I’m new to the area and I was wanting more friends so I reached out to him. We started texting, but his texts started to make me feel uncomfortable. He just seems to want something too fast. It’s not just that he seems to want something more from me, the manner of his texts are making me feel uncomfortable. I think he knows I had a crush on him and I don’t want him taking advantage of that.

I don’t have a crush on him anymore as a result, but I’m so anxious when I see him that I’m afraid that might be misconstrued as being nervous bc I like him. I don’t want him to think I have a sexual interest in him when I dont, I never did, I’m demisexual (I don’t have sexual attraction before a romantic relationship). Reaching out to him has made me feel like I’m in over my head.

What do you do when the other person thinks you have a crush on them but you don’t anymore bc they’re making you feel uncomfortable?

(Please no ace-phobia in the comments! I’m trusting you! If you have opinions about it, please just answer the question instead. Please be kind ❤️)

#Advice #Relationships #Anxiety #help #demisexual #LGBTQIA

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Anyone else’s family fighting stress them out?

My mom calling my dad an Effing Coward, them calling each other names my mom especially putting him now, sister and mom fighting, me and my mom lately not getting along either or avoiding each other. It’s a little hard.

#struggling #dysfunctional #Toxic #hard #Family #help #Relationships #boundaries #BadDay

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Unsure what to do

Hello everyone,
I've had and have, this intense pain in my head. It feels like someone is pressing or squeezing my brain. It's been 6 days and it's not going away. I'm nauseous, I'm having difficulty concentrating and staying awake.
I don't have insurance and when I went to urgent care, they dismissed my concerns as just a normal headache without doing any tests.
Anyone have any advice? #help #Advice #headpain #Pressure

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