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In need of a good deed

Yesterday, on my way to work, there was a homeless man standing on the corner by my house. His sign read, "I'm in need of a good deed." I gave him some money and we had a very pleasant exchange.

His sign stuck with me throughout the day. It keeps popping in my mind. I think we are all in need of a good deed.

So many people are having a hard time right now. Almost everyone I talk to says how burned out they are. Being a social worker, I hear very personal things from people on a regular basis. People are going through things that you couldn't even imagine.

We never know what those around us are going through in their lives.

Please be kind, be generous, be a listening ear, be supportive to everyone you come into contact with. Go out of your way to help others.

Because I think we are all in need of a good deed ❤ #gooddeed #Bekind #KindnessMatters #Kindness


#gooddeed : Wind

There was a mighty wind yesterday and a speeding #Walker came at me. I reached out and grabbed it.  Some witnesses returned it to the owner.  We all know each other.