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Taking Time #MightyTogether #caring #Kindness

“How are you doing?”
We ask and respond to this question, what, maybe a couple dozen times a week? Maybe more.
I have never really given the question much thought, it’s just a greeting you throw out.
What I have noticed is that, if I take the time to respond to the question, that people generally are not that interested.

Taking Time

Taking Time “How are you doing?” We ask and respond to this question, what, maybe a couple dozen times a week? Maybe more. I have never really given the question much thought, it’s just a greeting …
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Giving you more than just a gift .

When someone does something kind for you, don’t think of it as someone just giving you something. They are giving you something more valuable. They are showing you that you are seen, loved, accepted, and worthy. Kindness gives you the whole package.❤️.
-Danny Gautama

#MentalHealth #Depression #Kindness

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#words of #Kindness For The #all #mighty

I woke early this morning with typical questioning thoughts. I then thought of listening to a sermon on a Podcast, but changed my mind because those words typically lead me to more questioning thoughts filled with self reflection, self awareness, and sadly self-lead conviction. But today I want to hear and join in with speaking good words said about our Heavenly Father. So, I turned to #TheMighty to share words of kindness with my Heavenly family to our Loving Lord and Savior!

Loving Father, thank you for sharing your Son with us. Your Trinity is so loving and giving. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you for bending and extending yourself to reach us on our level. As my tears drip because of some challenge I face on this broken realm, Father, your Great Comforter seems to caress my wet face as a gentle wind cools the feverish emotional energy my anxiety sweats.

You are love. You are NOT the voice I often hear in the racing thoughts in my mind, for they are fueled by fear or panic. No. Lord, you are the voice that tells me “peace,” as you add, “Be still.” There is no panic in you. There is no rushed decision expected of us, those who trust in you. Your timing is perfect. I can wait in you.

And in our times of uncertainty, we run to you as our fear mounts. But you allow us to almost disturb you as you reach out to another in their distress. You take the time to whisper to us, “Your faith has made you well.”

I drop before you sharing my accusations of yet ANOTHER time I caught my self cheating, an betraying act unlike you. But you simply push the dirty soil of such internal anguish away. My words begin to fade, for no one is without sin. You stand by me. I hear your whispered words, “Where are your accusers?” All thoughts disappear. With confidence, I know I can “go” and “sin no more.” My actions are exposed. I then drink in Your Living Water. And I go out and I declare to all I encounter in my world, “Jesus speaks! And he knows EVERYTHING ABOUT ME!” Your Truth has set me free!

May we all gather together to boast and proclaim each of our encounters we have experienced with our Heavenly Father, his Son, and the acts and guidance of his Great Comforter. As the song Agnus Dei plays in my ears, “You are Holy…Lord God Almighty…Worthy is the Lamb…Are You Lord God Almighty.”

#Anxiety #Fear #PTSD #CPTSD meet #peace #patience and #Love !

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What others have done to me does not justify my behavior toward them, not in heaven's playbook. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Bekind #Kindness #Forgiveness #Jesus

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Anyone else follow helpful/ kind Instagram quotes?

I find it helps me to read them when I’m feeling off. :) was wondering if anyone likes to as well. #Instagram #Quotes #question #WhatHelpsYou #coping #Love #Kindness #MentalHealth

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Difficult People: You never really know what someone's dealing with

This new nurses aide at my pain doctor's office was really intrusive. And not very friendly. She was barely talkative or making eye contact. She seemed like she *really* didn't want to be there AT ALL.

I asked to go to the bathroom, she said to wait, because the doctor might want a urine sample. Ok. No problem.

Then we get in the room. I say if we're going to need a urine sample, can a get a glass of water?

Here's where she gets weird.

"Why do you need water if you just said you need to go to the bathroom?"

"I just want a glass of water."

"Didn't you just say you needed to go to the bathroom? Why do you need a glad of water?"

I was pretty taken aback.

"Never mind why I want one, will you just get me one?"

After a few rounds more of this she agrees to have the other aide get me one. The other aide. Yeesh.

She takes my vitals, some history questions, etc., then she finished. I'd been irritated the whole time about the bathroom/water incident, so as she finished, I felt like I had to say something ...

"You know, you might want to not ask people questions about their bathroom habits, I have to say, I really didn't appreciate that."

Anyway then she tried to explain-argue, repeating the BS about "you just wanted to go to the bathroom then you asked for water"... and finally I just told her, "Look, the issue isn't any of that -- it's that it's none of your business what I do in the bathroom or why, so please just stop!"

Finally she left the room with an attitude of "okay I'm stopping this conversation now, crazy person," even though, well, you know.

So on my way home I started thinking about how you truly never really know what someone is dealing with what they've been through or how much they're struggling to interact with you at the moment.

Remembering that years ago I used to be so incredibly anxious, insanely and brutally self-conscious, profoundly insecure, and often just a few steps away from a full-blown, crawling on the floor panic attack. To the point that a lot of the time I could barely finish a sentence talking to a person, especially if I didn't know them well, without being obsessed about what they were thinking about me, and how I was coming across.

Talking to people constantly put me on the edge of a panic attack, and often over that edge. And often that made me come across as being very awkward, very weird, "off" in some odd way, or even a little bit "creepy" because of it. Which of course sucked for me. I felt like people constantly misjudged me. I felt horrible about myself.

Ok, sure, I'm still weird and awkward, but at a WAY lower volume. And my anxiety, insecurity, self-consciousness, and panic is a tiny fraction of what it used to be.

So when I interact with someone who really rubs me the wrong way, I try really hard to remember how I felt, and keep in mind that I have no idea whatsoever how much they're struggling to interact with me in that moment and what sort of pain, anxiety, compulsive or horrible thoughts they're struggling with right then.

Who knows what was going on in that woman's life in her head in her heart. I certainly don't. And she definitely didn't seem happy from the first moment I saw her.

Of course I fail at this small kindness all the time, but I do try...

All that said, I still told the doctor about it though, lol. Not to be petty, but because this woman needs to know that that's not how you treat patients and that's not how you act professional in a doctor's office, regardless of your issues.

And that's some of what I learned for myself too. Is that it didn't really matter how I felt in a lot of situations, What mattered was how I was perceived, or what got done or what didn't get done, or how I made people feel.

And I learned that it wasn't fair but that's how life is. We may be damaged and hurting but the world doesn't resolve around us.

But also whenever possible, be as kind as possible. Because the world is chaotic and often cruel -- and our kindness can make a difference. Both to others, and to ourselves.

#MentalHealth #Kindness #social #jerks #patience #difficultpeople