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One Day At A Time.. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #grievingasabpd #Greiving #MentalHealth #SiblingLoss

It’s been almost a month since the traumatic passing of my older brother from an overdose and was as close to dead in his room when we found him. He was only 21 and just got out of jail in May to move in with us to start a new life in Arizona...Almost every single person in my family has mental health issues including myself which was diagnosed with BPD in March and developed PTSD from the incident. Anyways it’s hard grieving for me since my emotions are very hard to be aware of and deal with. Just reaching out to anyone to see if they have the same issues and tips to deal with grief.

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Perfect Timing #grievingasabpd

Just found out tonight I've lost yet ANOTHER relative in the cold winter months...As a bpd I struggle for a very long time grieving.,.Im up and down more than normal...when I think I'm ok I realize I'm not. First year an aunt in a house fire, the next an aunt to ovarian cancer, the next my grandpa froze to death and three weeks later my brother in law was killed in an accident at 27! One year break and today a great aunt because of pneumonia at an old age...This past November my mother cut me out of her life for confronting her about just one time my step dad sexually abused me and this time I didnt apologize and say I lied (I'd taken it back numerous times growing up because I didn't want to see her hurt)...WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH??? What am I thankful for? Id say for the woman who has come into my life and has helped me get up, brush myself off, and try to find reason to live... #52SmallThings

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