About a year and a half ago I moved to a new state. I had to start over. It was both refreshing and terrifying. With moving, I had to find new healthcare in all areas. Going to the dentist gives me severe anxiety. I cry when I have to get a cleaning. I was so fortunate to find an amazing dentist who was extremely patient and caring. She was phenomenal. She is leaving this June. Then today, I found out that my psych nurse, who is incredible and perfect for me and my needs, is leaving at the end of this month. This is bringing my anxiety up because I finally found someone who meets my needs and now they are leaving. I’m trying to remain positive but it is just so difficult. Logically I know that there has to be someone out there who can fulfill my needs, but I will be anxious until I find them. I know this is not their intention, but I can help but feel a little abandoned. #anxious #Heathcare #Leaving #abandoment #alone #Anxiety