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    Anyone have tips for coping for not being able to keep a job, or if you haven’t had one in a long time?

    What helps you personally if you judge yourself too harshly, or tips for keeping one #Anxiety #Job #coping #Shame #Acceptance #jobless #MentalHealth #Depression #severe #alone


    Bipolar and tired #Bipolar #depressive episode #alone during holidays

    After a med adjustment while in psych hospital, my mood improved greatly. I was doing all kinds of social stuff and taking better care of my apartment. Then Monday it dipped. It just dropped into I dont want to get out of bed. Maybe holidays? I have one family member in anothet state. Thats it on family for me. Friends are great and yet often invisible. I am so tired of this. I am unable to have any consistency on my life!! In anything. I am 50 yo and on top of it I am concerned about what these medicines I have been taking for 25 years are doing to my body from the long term. I finally was able to cry today. It hurts. Good things never last.

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    Sending Everyone Love 💗

    Hello Everyone.
    I hope you all have a safe a wonderful #Thanksgiving . Even if you celebrate at a table for 1, just know that you're not #alone ! There are people like me who exist who share thoughts and prayers with you as we kick off the season.

    #LGBTQIA +

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    Thanksgiving Week

    Hello Everyone! It's #Thanksgiving week. I wanted to wish you a happy holiday. Whether you are spending it with #Family or a #friend or a #Furbaby you are never #alone . I think sometimes this time of year is a kick off for some of the most difficult things to face. This means #lonely for some #Grief for others and many more #Emotions .

    I want to let you know that whatever you're facing... You're not #alone .

    I am here for you.


    the day suddenly turned into a funny beginning

    I came back from the city to spend the weekend at home.
    Today everyone has stuff to do, so I'm alone.
    Coming back from my alone life in the city to be alone again kinda felt a bit disappointing, for a while; at the beginning.

    I was rehearsing my to do list and checking my surrounding, ackowledging the presence of my pets, when I said to myself:
    "Ce, you have spent two years like this, alone at home. Don't you dare telling me you don't know how to engage in self-time".
    Eheh, it suddently has become funny.
    I may be laughing in tiny.!

    I'm preparing a 1l kettle of tea, I'm gonna take a shower (when I'll feel ready to, though), fix my hair, I'm gonna try and reply to my penpal's letter, study a bit, take a walk, maybe with my dog, try and take some autumn pictures again, listen to some music and sing along; I have two biscuits and a little bunch of chestnuts to eat and my cats. Plus, I could come up with many more activities, so, yep, I'm finding it funny that for a moment I have been feeling sad at the idea of spending the majority of this day alone.
    Now I can't wait to do all of these stuff while being alone.
    [I'm so used to be alone that this is obviously the reason why I was feeling sad. But between this and stating that I don't know what to do alone there's a huge gap; I wasn't paying attention ^^]

    I'm gonna enjoy myself and any thing I'll have around.



    #alone #Loneliness #Metime #ME #Pets #Hobby #Selfcare #Alonetime


    I’m new here. I have Neuro Behçet’s Disease, IGA deficiency and lots of other stuff that goes with autoimmune issues. I’m feeling very alone. I’m looking for a new avenue of support and hope. I’m pretty alone. My husband has lost interest in my health and life. My Mother is 83 and is just never been able to care. #alone #Behcet ’s


    I want to choose to be happy, however, the obstacles seem too high to climb.

    If I had to describe how I feel, it's like I'm stuck in the slime on Ghostbusters, and the slime is full of pain, doubt, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and fear. The slime clings to be no matter which way I pull at it, and it's suffocating me. The medications aren't helping, leaving the house is extremely triggering and painful, and now being stuck in this house is starting to help the depression grow. I have no energy or desire to do anything except sleep, and when it actually comes time to sleep, I can't. Family and friends don't understand or don't know what else to say at this point, and I don't blame them. If it's possible to get lost in your own home in bed, I'm lost. #Depression #Anxiety #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #alone


    #Lonliness #alone #Isolation #Schizophrenia #MentalHealth

    I'm severely lonely isolated my doctor's appointment is far
    I have one friend he is very very busy, any selution? cause i always fall into isolation since I work from home there is nowhere to go but the gym and I can't afford it right now.
    I stay home for continuous 2.
    Not connected with My family.
    Is there something I can do cause I'm going insane


    I left the house today

    I left the house today to go to a pumpkin farm/apple orchard with my children (grown). I didn't want to go, but didn't want to disappoint them.

    Now I'm back at home sad and feeling quite awful and alone. Being out made me feel old, fat, handicapped, and reminded me that my partner of 10 years left and was talking to other women.

    It's just easier staying home and alone. It actually hurts less. #Depression #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Anxiety #alone


    Sometimes it really sucks

    Sometimes it just really sucks to have trauma within family- to the point where they're no longer your family and you don't talk to them. I feel it's always especially hard as the holidays come up and everyone has things to do with their families and plans and you don't. Of course there may be friends, but most of the time they are either traveling or busy. Does anyone else ever feel this way or deal with this?
    #Holidays #Family #Trauma #alone