This is where I ground myself. I need this place like I need breathing. It's where I go when I can no longer distinguish who I am and who you are, where I forget myself and find myself.

Lately, I have come here often. I arrive lost, low in energy and spirit, my outlook depressed, sucked dry and spent of any will to try again.

I enter the forest knowing it will save me. It will tickle my appreciation until it wants to be alive again, showing me the beauty of life around me, showing me what really matters.

I walk the paths,

I sit and contemplate,

I meditate if my breath allows it.

Appreciation is my meditation.

I emerge with renewed strength - calmer, relaxed, rejuvenated and joyful. Where did this joy come from?? I believe that nature is powerful and if you are open to be moved (ie vulnerable), as well as empty (in the now) to welcome that power offered by nature, it will help to find your perspective.

Much love... xox

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