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BIG Feelings

I think I'm highly sensitive and feel very deeply. I have hurt feelings very easily. I'm frequently deeply sad, regretful and can cry easily. I need help managing this

#emotional #HSP #hypersensitive #CPTSD #Sadness #dysregulation

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What is a boundary or need that’s important for you to share with others?

The more I reflect on my personal limits and emotional bandwidth as an HSP, the more I realize how important it is to share my needs and boundaries with others — especially to those I’m closest with.

Although it was uncomfortable at first, I’m continuously learning that being open, honest, and direct with what I can manage and handle is important to my mental and physical health. One of the biggest needs I share with my family in particular is that I get really exhausted while in crowded areas and have to rest when I get back home. Also, that change in environment can be overstimulating for me, so communication about a change in plans is important for me to know ahead of time so I can mentally prepare as much as possible.

As an HSP, what's a need or a boundary you have to share with others?

#HSP #CheerMeOn #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Empathy

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19% ●
Reading a book
19% ●
Resting in bed
18% ●
Watching my favorite show
12% ●
Working on a creative project
3% ●
Deep breathing exercises
3% ●
Self-soothing affirmations
10% ●
Journaling or doodling
4% ●
Guided meditation
6% ●
Listening to nature of sleep music
6% ●
Movement or exercise
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Is oversharing and empathizing w/ co workers a bad thing? #ADHD #HSP

Today I commented to my partner that my manager shared info about his gf who has ptsd with a few of us. I told my gf that I shared my history of ptsd and panic attacks as a way of empathizing since what his gf is going through is very scary. She got upset and said it was inappropriate of me to have such personal conversations and said I need to learn boundaries since she can't be a "care giver" to always remind me. Also said how this can "ruin my image at work and opportunities to grow in my career"
This was quite hurtful, and i explained how it's just how I function..just confused if im in the wrong? Can anybody relate and please share how you deal with "saying too much" #ADHD


60% ●
True: It’s the only way I can function.
2% ●
False: It doesn’t have a positive or negative effect.
38% ●
Sometimes: It depends on what I’m going through.
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Are you a recovering people-pleaser?

Gather ’round people-pleasers. Camara, Carla, Skye, and Kat do a little self-reflection on whether people-pleasing is a harmful or helpful personality trait. (Spoiler alert: It can actually be both!)

Learn more about how our health causes us to overcompensate, and how we’re doing the #innerwork to separate the inherent selfishness and selflessness of this behavior.

🎧 listen to the podcast episode here: bit.ly/tabletalk_05-03-23

#Anxiety #MentalHealth #DistractMe #Depression #HSP #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #PTSD #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Trauma

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Happy Birthday to Me 🥳💜

My birthday is actually in May on the tenth. And I celebrated it the day after because of the fact that I always have depression on the day of my birthday. I found out that they have a word for that which is fragapanophobia.

I am beginning to think that I honestly have birthday phobia. And I’ll tell you why, it all started when I was a little girl. I have a distinct memory of me crying in the bedroom on my birthday. I always remember feeling sad on or around my birthday. My emotions were always tied up in gloom.

I’m not 100% certain why but if I had to try and put my finger on it. I’ll say that it has to do with the fact that May is one of the most celebrated months with so many special occasions. And my birthday has frequently been overshadowed where people would say to me, “Oh, that’s right. Today is your birthday isn’t it?” My birthday has almost always been forgotten about by my family and friends. Unless I remind them.

But, me possibly having fragapanophobia isn’t the only reason why I am always so depressed about my birthday. But I identify as a HSP a highly sensitive person, I am a easily triggered mess, and I am introverted. I want to be celebrated but I also want to be left alone.

I celebrated my birthday the day after with a spa day and had a whole hour to myself which was incredibly relaxing. The day after my birthday was pretty sweet. But the day of was to be expected, because my two closest siblings forgot to call and wish me a happy birthday. I was so bummed and I purposely scheduled a therapy session for my birthday but it was canceled.

Yeah, this may be my second post on #TheMighty of me pouting about my birthday. But I will say that although I was hurt. It hurt a little less then it had in my past. And I’m just hoping that I’ll soon be able to not have to hurt at all.

It is Mental Health Month. And I’m determined to make sure I prioritize myself and not let my emotions dictate how I spend my birthday weekend. My plan is to write a book about it since it is such a constant theme for my birthdays. And grow from this since I’m blessed with life I want to be thankful for it.

I won’t be reminding people of my birthday anymore. If they truly care they’ll remember on their own. Just like I do when it’s theirs. As soon as their birthday month pop up on the calendar I always mark the date to be sure to show them so much love. I pray that it is reciprocated with the same amount of love🎉🎈🎁. #Introvert #HSP #Depression #Loneliness #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness

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Do you also agree with her?

My life goals Resonate with her post. Work won't feel like work if it's your passion, and makes difference in people's lives in a positive way. Thinking🤔 how my life is positively impacting the people around me at my workplace motivate me in many ways 😂.#Highly Sensitive person aka hsp #HSP #PTSD

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Anyone wish they were less emotional?

I love being an empathetic person and a highly sensitive person but sometimes the way society can judge us
As being too sensitive or weak
Is hard
We are strong in our own way, sometimes it’s tough though if I really need to cry I do

But I guess at times I kind of envy people who can seem more cold or stoic/ so called “stronger”

I wouldn’t change how I am but at times can be draining or feel like a gift and a curse. But I know just learning to cope with it better is best

#Emotions #emotional #hard #lovemyself #sensitive #Shame #Trying #HSP #Curious #personalities #interested #dontknow #easierbetter #Anxiety #Depression

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