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always remember to take some time to yourself as a HSP


being an empath and a HSP isnt easy..you deal with your emotions on top of other peoples emotions that you feel as your own..it can be very draining and you get overstimulated very easily and need to isolate to recharge.

i have been around negative people and literally could feel they're negativity..its not a good feeling..you feel extremely valnerable and its stressful..ive noticed the older i get the more stimulating fairs and parks are.. the more people im around..the more im going to feel..

its extremely important to take care of your mental health no matter who you are but you have to work extra hard at taking care of it as a HSP and an empathetic person.. remember:YOU GOT THIS ❤️

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With HSP and PTSD, noises at night of any kind send my mind spinning. And when I know the noise is coming from someone who is doing it intentionally, I become a person who no one wants to know. #HSP #PTSD #depressionandanxiety

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I'm new here

Just started with The Mighty and hope to join in on the conversation. I'm ADHD as well as undiagnosed Autism (feeling unhopeful at the moment that this will change because many are biased that only young boys have this problem). Looking forward to meeting others as well as giving support. #Autism #ADHD #HSP

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BIG Feelings

I think I'm highly sensitive and feel very deeply. I have hurt feelings very easily. I'm frequently deeply sad, regretful and can cry easily. I need help managing this

#emotional #HSP #hypersensitive #CPTSD #Sadness #dysregulation

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What is a boundary or need that’s important for you to share with others?

The more I reflect on my personal limits and emotional bandwidth as an HSP, the more I realize how important it is to share my needs and boundaries with others — especially to those I’m closest with.

Although it was uncomfortable at first, I’m continuously learning that being open, honest, and direct with what I can manage and handle is important to my mental and physical health. One of the biggest needs I share with my family in particular is that I get really exhausted while in crowded areas and have to rest when I get back home. Also, that change in environment can be overstimulating for me, so communication about a change in plans is important for me to know ahead of time so I can mentally prepare as much as possible.

As an HSP, what's a need or a boundary you have to share with others?

#HSP #CheerMeOn #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Empathy

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19% ●
Reading a book
19% ●
Resting in bed
18% ●
Watching my favorite show
12% ●
Working on a creative project
3% ●
Deep breathing exercises
3% ●
Self-soothing affirmations
10% ●
Journaling or doodling
4% ●
Guided meditation
6% ●
Listening to nature of sleep music
6% ●
Movement or exercise
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Is oversharing and empathizing w/ co workers a bad thing? #ADHD #HSP

Today I commented to my partner that my manager shared info about his gf who has ptsd with a few of us. I told my gf that I shared my history of ptsd and panic attacks as a way of empathizing since what his gf is going through is very scary. She got upset and said it was inappropriate of me to have such personal conversations and said I need to learn boundaries since she can't be a "care giver" to always remind me. Also said how this can "ruin my image at work and opportunities to grow in my career"
This was quite hurtful, and i explained how it's just how I function..just confused if im in the wrong? Can anybody relate and please share how you deal with "saying too much" #ADHD


60% ●
True: It’s the only way I can function.
2% ●
False: It doesn’t have a positive or negative effect.
38% ●
Sometimes: It depends on what I’m going through.
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