Tonight’s Thought:

So this morning, I had my pre surgery consultation for my hand surgery next Tuesday. They had me meet with a Dr. instead of a Nurse Prac due to my complicated and insane medical history. Although it’s a very minor and routine surgery I am having done, they still wanted my medical history gone over.

As we went over ALL of my surgeries and health challenges (from ALL of my cardiac history, to strokes, to seizures, to dementia/memory loss [caused by said strokes], and others alike) it realized later on in the day just how fortunate, blessed and grateful I am to be alive today!

To anyone else who would have listened to that crazy list being rattled off, they would think that I am probably dead or severely debilitated right now. But, I’M NOT! Far from it in-fact!

God’s hand has been firmly planted and positioned over my life for 39+ yrs (since day one). Sometimes I forget how far He has brought me and how much my life truly is and has always been and will always be in His hands. Then days or moments like today, remind me of His goodness to me all these yrs!

Do you ever have moments like this? Does God give you times of pause for reflection and reminders of how far He has brought you in your life?

Thank you, LORD, for sustaining me and holding upright all these yrs! Thank you that I’ve been so fortunate to not have the worst happen, but yet enough to happen to bring you glory and point others to you. May my life continue to do so.

May Christ Be Glorified!

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