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Hate feeling #FeingsSuck #notdoingwellrightnow

Hello all I'm sadie. I'm an addict I was using meth for approx. 6 years honestly feels like it was only a couple I barely remember anything from the last few years I remember starting and I remember quiting but the stuff between is blurry. I've been sober now for almost 60 days!! But recently with my mental health and illnesses it's been tough I havent had insurance to go to the doctor to get my meds so I've been trying to cope with it all my boyfriend who I've been with for almost 5 years but I've known him for about 10 is really the only person who talks to me and it gets hard for him some days and he gets mad because o say things after i get a scenario in my head and i hurt my own feelings and over react about it. I guess that's all I have for now. I'll see you all later Blessed Be! #hopingforthebest

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Found some hope

I went to the doctor feeling very nervous and sad about my test results. He is a kind man and he said: “don’t worry, now we know what the problem is and I’m confident there is a solution”. So, I went in crying and left hopeful. #MentalIllness #hopingforthebest #Genetic Lifehacks


So Frustrated

Several things did not go well today or as planned. First, my biological niece now adopted daughter and an adult that hasn't spoken to me since her father divorced me, text me to say my ex showed her some paperwork showing her how evil my sister/ her mother was. Now she understands why I disliked my sister. Mothers don't allow their children to be abused.
She still doesn't want a relationship with me. She just wanted to apologize for hating the fact I disliked her mother. #shepraysformebutwantsnothingtodowithme
Adding to my day, I start to add a new list of Dr's and therapists to my healthcare team. That should be a good thing except coordinating and remembering all the appointments. My Dr and the new addition, the best in the state. #hopingforthebest
#laundrydayistheworst today I packed up and off to the laundromat for a couple hours, exhausted.
#newapartment moving through the application process I seem to meet all the requirements at least on paper. I had my accountant double check the financial requirement. I meet all their requirements, but they're trying to say my income is too low. A reply email was sent. #Disabled is that the real reason they're trying to decline my application. I hopefully find out more tomorrow. This apartment is perfect, first floor, washer and dryer in the unit and a garage. For less than $100 more a month and I get nothing here.
Now with a headache and empty stomach I will finally have super.
Occupational and Physical therapy evaluations at the new place tomorrow, only an hour drive each way.