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Crying constantly is so exhausting

If I could please stop semi-spontaneously bursting into tears so I can consistently function, I’d really appreciate it. who do I send the strongly worded email? can I speak to the manager?

For real though. I don’t see how I’m going to do anything. I’ve been in this pit for four days now. What do I do between now and when my general practitioner (hopefully psych referral) appointment is?
#Depression #DepressiveEpisodes #HowToFightDepression #HowToDealWithDepression #howtodeal #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder


Is it okay to take a break?

I know that taking a break is important and I’m always reading about people taking breaks when they are emotionally burnt out. But when I do it especially during the busiest period in my office, I feel so guilty and feel that I will be faulted because of my “lack of consideration”. However, on some days I really just want to be alone, spend some alone time and basically not be stress for a day. I don’t know man it’s like I know I can take a break on weekends too, but I’ve been struggling with anxiety for around 3 years now and I’m on Fluoxetine for around 1 month but I’m still struggling with my emotions.

Today I took a break from work, claiming that I’m down with a flu but I actually just want a break before the storm starts to kick in next week.

However, with that being done, I just felt so guilty that I had to lie just to get a break and be deemed as “irresponsible”.

I would like to ask all of you, how do you guys deal with days/moments when you wake up, dreading to do to work or how do you deal with wanting to be alone but everyone is asking you to mingle even though you’re mentally exhausted?

(Non of my colleagues know about my anxiety so I am having trouble trying to look “fine” at times)

#Anxiety #howtodeal #ThankYou

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