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What are good movies and shows with/about MS?

Any recommendations? Since we were talking about Selma Blair's upcoming show, I'm wondering if there are any representations of us out there besides as medical horror movies.

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Poll: Will you be watching Selma Blair's documentary?

Comments in an MS forum seemed evenly split on whether or not they'd watch the show in October. Some think it's bold. Some found the trailer scary. (One comment: "life is stressful and scary enough") Others thought their lives and treatment options were too different from Selma's. She underwent human stem cell therapy (HSCT), still new and costly.

What do you think? Watch, or no?

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch

#SelmaBlair #IntroducingSelmaBlair #Disability #MultipleSclerosis #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #HSCT

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#HSCT for MS

When I searched The Mighty for HSCT nothing came up at all.
Which I kinda thought very strange, when HSCT’s long been an approved chemotherapy procedure for blood cancers and more recently quite a controversial topic in Multiple Sclerosis circles. HSCT is a bone marrow transplant if you haven’t heard about it before.
I was searching for it because I have MS, secondary progressive thanks very much - and I underwent HSCT some years ago, when in treating MS, the procedure was more experimentally accepted than it was actually controversial like it is now.
Anyway I just wondered if there were others here who’d been down that track too.

Why did I have HSCT?

I was fast losing the ability to walk, at all, so guinea pigging myself for any procedure that had the slightest chance of stopping the disabling progress of my MS, well I joined that queue pretty quick when the chance was offered.
I did research the procedure, got lots of info from my neuro. Ultimately I’d already taken drugs that could’ve killed me, so I saw no obvious difference in possible side effects.
Anyway, scary as chemotherapy was, I willingly threw myself into it, I just wanted the disease to stop. And prayed that it actually would.
I’m not here to tell anyone to try HSCT.
I’m not here to tell anyone not to try HSCT.
I’m here because I’ve seen the good of HSCT, and the bad of HSCT.
And talking ‘bad’ in relation to MS, mixed with HSCT ... there isn’t a word ‘bad’ enough for that.
MS alone is worse than bad.
Having any complication during HSCT is worse than bad.
So, six of one, half a dozen of the other ... in my humble opinion.

Anyway I’m here, still, wondering why The Mighty is so quiet on the subject of HSCT?