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I don't know what I feel😪

I asked someone to pick between nude and hug.... he picked nude 😂😂
I feel like I should be upset but I'm not
I feel like I should be sad but I'm not
I feel like I should feel something but I'm not

He said it's more logical

This is someone I actually expected something from.

Turns out I was not disappointed, it like something I know will happen
It just, I don't know, I'm quite lost to be honest cuz I can't explain anything going on in my life right now.

#disappointment #HughesSyndrome #Hug #Depression

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Comfort for my feet

Today I had one of most painful day I’ve had in years. I am in a #fibroflare so hard that I could barely raise my arms. I made through the day thanks to strong dipirona . When I left work I had a shower and added some coarse salt in the water, and I started feeling a bit better. As I was feeling better, I decided to knit myself some slippers. Not sure if it is because of #HughesSyndrome or the #Fibromyalgia , but I am always cold, and I lose circulation on the toes. These are the slippers I knitted for me. They’re so warm. It will be perfect for the nights here in Brazil. Do you guys feel pain and cold feet?