I’m finally getting the long suggested by docs but never approved by past insurance physical therapy in water. A first time experience with, long time needing and desired, hydrotherapy for me! It’s a big positive, filled with hope.

Yes, I’ve had physical therapy a few times over the years. But now, my body is in so much pain from nerve issues with extreme pain, burning and numbing in so much of the body. They feel like they are inflammed all of the time with constant internal vibrating tremors. It makes it very hard (near impossible) to exercise enough to stengthen whats left of my lower body. I hurt myself repeatedly trying to exercise.

I will be having therapy in a Hydroworx tank with adjustable temperature, thank god, cause hot water is excruciating now.

The tank has a treadmill, removable seat and grab bars for holding onto. A bit of anxiety inside with a whole bunch of gratefulness and excitement that I’m finally getting to access it along with the security of exercising with a therapist right there. I keep thinking, I really hope it cools and calms these constantly inflamed, burning nerves. I know, it’s a little much to hope for but as it is now, when the heat has me suffering real bad, sometimes I get into a cool shower and just sit there until it lowers my body temperature a bit and it feels better to my body for awhile. Hopefully, the tank will do that too along with some badly needed exercise strengthening and endurance. I’m excited! Thank you to my neurologist! Wish me luck folks, because I need it, lol 😂 #ChronicPain #hydroworx #nervepain #Undiagnosed #PhysicalTherapy