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    Finally!!! Hydrotherapy and it starts tomorrow, yes!

    I’m finally getting the long suggested by docs but never approved by past insurance physical therapy in water. A first time experience with, long time needing and desired, hydrotherapy for me! It’s a big positive, filled with hope.

    Yes, I’ve had physical therapy a few times over the years. But now, my body is in so much pain from nerve issues with extreme pain, burning and numbing in so much of the body. They feel like they are inflammed all of the time with constant internal vibrating tremors. It makes it very hard (near impossible) to exercise enough to stengthen whats left of my lower body. I hurt myself repeatedly trying to exercise.

    I will be having therapy in a Hydroworx tank with adjustable temperature, thank god, cause hot water is excruciating now.

    The tank has a treadmill, removable seat and grab bars for holding onto. A bit of anxiety inside with a whole bunch of gratefulness and excitement that I’m finally getting to access it along with the security of exercising with a therapist right there. I keep thinking, I really hope it cools and calms these constantly inflamed, burning nerves. I know, it’s a little much to hope for but as it is now, when the heat has me suffering real bad, sometimes I get into a cool shower and just sit there until it lowers my body temperature a bit and it feels better to my body for awhile. Hopefully, the tank will do that too along with some badly needed exercise strengthening and endurance. I’m excited! Thank you to my neurologist! Wish me luck folks, because I need it, lol 😂 #ChronicPain #hydroworx #nervepain #Undiagnosed #PhysicalTherapy

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    Mental & Physical Health

    Feeling down? Put on your shoes and go for a walk. Did I hear you moan and say "not now"? That's okay - it's always your choice. I know how walking helps your biology stay balanced! Physical and mental health is linked in complex ways yet expressed in surprisingly simple strategies. So when you're mulling it over, take a peek at your shoes - they want to be outside!

    #beingtherapy #MentalHealth #Therapist #Toronto #selfcare #counselling #Healing #Walking #clearyourhead #Fitness #Fitness #PhysicalTherapy #physicalhealth


    2 Steps Forward 6 Steps Backwards

    Do you ever feel like every time you make any progress with your illness/disease you win a little then it knock you so much father back that you will never get back to were you were before?

    So I have FND which means my nerves and brain function abdominally and communicate about as well as toddlers playing the telephone game. Add in a sprinkle of Tourettes Syndrome and Sensory Processeing Disorder, Migraine, Dyskinesia, Dystonia, and we are currently exploring epilepsy. All this results in me being confined to a wheelchair at least 85% of the time and need to be supervised if I am not. Along with eating difficulties, communication problems ect...

    I have to go in for occupational therapy and physical therapy once a year to help me maintain quality of life. Sometimes we add speech or cognitive to spice things up if I need it . All these therapies are great and can act as kinda a filter on how to adapt my life to limitations and give some good ideas on how to make life easier within my limitations my body has placed on me. However it always feels like we make a little progress with them and once I "graduate" out of them (stop making progress usually after a the first 2 months) my body starts to decline again even though I countue to do my home programs (hey I want as much quality of life as I can get I mean I turn 20 in the fall I will take what I can get). This happens with me staring to fall more, my hands start to get weaker, I drop more weight, ect.

    2 steps forward 6 steps back.

    Every time. It seems like I am on this never ending loop of yes some progress. Whap out of no where I get worse ...

    2 steps forward 6 steps back.

    It's like this dance me and my body play. Oh you gonna work to try and get better. Sike now your worse enjoy the new wheels.

    2 steps forward 6 steps back.

    Around and around we continue this dance and we can't seem to figure out why this downward spiral keeps happening. Like I'm not gonna keep fighting for my quality of life but man would I like to stop this dance or at least hit pause for a bit.

    2 steps forward 6 steps back

    It's exhausting. I just moved and my new pcp asked if I had made any progress on getting better and it hit me that no actually I keep getting worse and my symptoms keep getting more debilitating as time goes on. So now we redo all the testing and redo all the things to see if anything has changed...

    2 steps forward 6 steps back.

    Anyway I'm just excused with everything. I'm still gonna try and still gonna give it everything I got which honestly isn't much at this point. Still gonna give it a go. Got to continue this dance in homes that some day it will be 6 steps forward and 2 steps back instead.

    #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #ChronicFatigue #ocupationaltherapy #PhysicalTherapy #notmakingprogess

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    "Amazing Abby" the Treadmill Training Toddler

    I wear many hats these days as the Dad of our 3 year old “Amazing Abby.” I am her educator, entertainer, chef, cleanup crew & personal trainer. In November of 2019, I took a leave of absence from my job to became a full time Stay at Home Dad (SAHD). I had no idea what was in store.

    Abby was a 78 day Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) NICU grad. Our 3lb miracle underwent surgery for duodenal atresia about a month after she was born. Flash-forward to today…this fun loving, energetic, world traveling three year old is the center of her our world. I always say “she is the light of our lives.”

    In April 2020, Abby’s CHOP Physical Therapist mentioned having Abby start treadmill training. “Wait what?!?” I thought. My one year old. ON A TREADMILL. She was barely cruising! Abby’s therapist ensured both of us that it could be done and the benefits are exponential. So my wife and I went all in on treadmill training.

    Since we could not access CHOP’s PT Gym because of COVID, my wife engineered a “MacGyver” style set up that includes two bar stools, one five iron & lots of duct tape. This has allowed Abby to effectively use our home treadmill. After breakfast, Abby jumps on the treadmill and watches a little Sesame Street on the iPad. This activity has been really instrumental in helping Abby to walk strong on her own. Not to mention I get the benefit of watching a little Sesame Street too.

    Seeing the strides Abby has made in 3 years are so rewarding. I certainly understand that more challenges await with Abby’s development but I am hopeful that the work we are doing now will allow Abby to flourish into a strong, accepted, & admired member of our society.

    Thanks for this opportunity to share.

    #DownSyndrome #ds #t21 #trisomy21 #PhysicalTherapy ##PT #treadmill #treadmilltraining

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    What would your ideal doctor’s office set-up look like?

    The majority of us here have spent way too many hours in hospitals, waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, physical therapy floors, and operating rooms. And I bet if we threw our Mighty minds together, we could come up with the most idyllic version of a patient-centric space.

    Here are some questions to get you thinking:

    ⏰ What does your ideal waiting room look like?
    📋 How about a patient room?
    🛋️ A therapist’s office?
    🏥 What about an inpatient treatment center?

    ✏️ P.S. Your ideas may be used in an upcoming Mighty story.

    #MightyMinute #CheckInWithMe #Therapy #MentalHealth #Surgery #PhysicalTherapy #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RareDisease #Disability