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Finally!!! Hydrotherapy and it starts tomorrow, yes!

<p>Finally!!! Hydrotherapy and it starts tomorrow, yes!</p>
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Can anyone tell me how long it took you to get into or get on the appointment list for dysautonomia testing? I’m being told it’s a 6 month to 1 year wait minimum if I’m willing & able to drive 4 hours away to Chicago. It’s 1-2 year wait if willing to drive to Minnesota (several hundred miles away and 2 states over). Any other info you can give about it? Thank you for any information or advice you can share.

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Community Voices

Ketamine infusions for pain

Can anyone share your experience with ketamine infusions to treat chronic pain (fibromyalgia, CRPS, neuropathy, general pain, etc)? I have severe nerve pain that really limits my functioning and I would like to try ketamine infusions if I can find a way to access them. I’m speaking to my pain specialist next week and am wondering how to approach this topic with him? He has been very hesitant in the past when I’ve asked about this as he is concerned about side effects. I’m in Canada and not sure if these treatments are available in my city (let alone if they are covered or out of pocket), but I’m willing to travel if necessary. Any advice or thoughts you can share would be very appreciated!! Thanks so much!

#ketamine #Ketamineinfusions #ChronicPain #CRPS #Fibromyalgia #nervepain #severepain

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I'm actually at the point where I'm considering lyrica. For years I've tried to avoid it but I'm so ouchy sore to the touch and tender that I'm not sure what else to do. I finally caved in and got hip injections, had to in order to see about a possible hip surgery. Having hip and low back pain since I was a kid concerns me for the future yet I'm hopeful. This is truly not how I saw my life at 30 yet somehow always knew they would be some physical discomfort to work threw. I feel if I can at least get the inflammation down I can sustain and maintain with the Fibromyalgia symptoms and the lax joints. This is truly a trying time however I'm grateful the weather is getting warmer as it helps ease some of the tension. My goal has always been to get it into remission which I hear is possible.
What are your experiences with lyrica or prolotherapy??
#Fibromyalgia #Neuropathy #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #nervepain #nervepainrelief #CervicalInstability

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Just need to vent a little #ChronicPain

Why am I like this?

My #nervepain is flared up. It’s not horrible, but it’s distracting and at the point where it’s affecting me.

But in a way I did it to myself. It had been getting worse anyway, but I pushed myself too hard at the gym and now it’s bad.

The thing is, it wasn’t an accident. I knew I was pushing myself too hard. I knew the smart thing would be to stop and rest. But I forced myself to do it. In part because I was having a good time. I like seeing how strong I’m becoming. But part of it was that I don’t want to use my chronic pain/permanent injury as an excuse. I would feel like a quitter if I let myself stop. I would feel like I was taking the easy way out and like my arm was a limitation.

I wish I could learn to accept myself and my limitations. I wish I could learn to see myself as just as worthy even if I let myself quit when it’s beneficial to me.

I also wish I could take a sick day without feeling weak.

#BrachialPlexusInjuries #Chronicpainwarrior #MentalHealth

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Art Process

<p>Art Process</p>
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Covid exacerbating nerve pain and fibro?

I am currently in day 8 of Covid symptoms after being vaccinated and having a booster shot. My symptoms have been all over the place. Almost daily changes - ranging from headaches, sore throat, sneezing, mouth and gum sores/blisters, coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing but as my Covid symptoms seem to be waning, my fibromyalgia and nerve pain symptoms seems to be acting up and in some cases (RLS type pain) getting worse. Insomnia has just set in as well. Wondering if anyone else has had similar experience or any words of wisdom to someone who feels lucky to have had a not so severe case of Covid but discouraged that my other problems may be getting worse now. Thanks.

#COVID19 #Fibromyalgia #nervepain

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Tenderness! What helps!?

I remember the beginning of this journey when I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I went to this support group which I left early because I was anxious and taking in too much of what others were experiencing. I still feel that way being in FB support groups. I pray that continues to change as I learn to hold space for myself. But I remember speaking to a woman who was so tender she could not get massage anymore. At the time I was still able to get deep tissue massage and couldn't imagine not doing so. Now that it's been some years I've noticed alot more tenderness creep over me. My spine specifically is very tender to the touch...hell I don't even to touch it and i feel this radiating penetrative deep aching and throbbing sensitive. Just laying in the bed is uncomfortable. I've made some accommodations yet would love more insight from those who experience tenderness and sensitivity to touch. So please feel free to share what helps you 💛🙏🏿💃🏿🍃
#Fibromyalgia #Headache #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #nervepain #Neuropathy

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Quitting a job due to lack of accomodations

I recently quit a job because they wouldn't give basic accomodations. I needed a stool rather than standing for 9 hours at a time. I jumped through all the correct hoops, got doctors documentation, e-mailed HR citing the ADA. They told me they'd get around to it eventually. I worked without it for a month. This irritated my nerves so badly and made inflammation worse to the point my leg was paralyzed. I was told I couldn't come back to work without a doctor's note. So I didn't come back to work. I'm terrified I won't be able to get a job in the science industry because of lack of accomodating employers. As well as the expectations that over time is required I simply can't work much overtime safely. #Work #accomadations #ChronicFatigue #nervepain