I won the lottery on genetic diseases, all diagnosed later in life. Sarcoidosis, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Autoimmune Arthritis & now Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

The symptoms of Ehlers Danlos were there from the start. My Drs never added them up and missed these symptoms:
◼️HYPERFLEXIBLE ▪️Bend thumb to wrist
▪️Crisscross fingers
▪️Hyper flex elbows
▪️Jaw pops out of socket opening mouth
▪️Can put my hands flat on the floor bending over
▪️Knee caps dropped often
▪️Was teased because I ran strange
▪️Hips sublex out of alignment easily
▪️Mild scoliosis
▪️Clothing & fabrics irritated my skin
▪️Scars are sensitive to touch
▪️Can’t wear necklaces or heavy clothing on my neck
▪️Sharp bone pain when young
▪️Smooth, soft, stretchy skin
▪️Horizontal scars across the back
▪️Wounds slow to heal

My maternal grandmother, mom, daughter and son all have these same symptoms. I am the only one diagnosed thus far. What used to be a novelty as a child now causes great pain.
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