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I Will Conquer Polycystic Kidney Disease

It hasn’t been an awesome week. Pain took all of Sunday away from me. I wanted to die for the day with my heating pad, but I listened to the hubs and went to the er, only to find out one of my extrarenal complications got way more complicated.

Finally home today - lovely 4 day stay at a top notch hospital.

I’m okay. I have to be. A soon-to-be 11year old is counting on me ❤️

I will always say I’m fine through clinched teeth as pain takes my breath away...and, understanding and compassion go a long way ❤️ Some haven’t figured that out yet...that’s okay - karma owes me 😉😉😘😂



Dear fear

Mysteriously fear,

You are another mountain to climb.

You have bended me, but you have taught me to dance
I have crossed you so many times with my tired but enlightened dancing shoes
I always want to dance you away

“Where there is love there is no fear” and I have amazing Love
You happen to me but I cross you
You impel me to take a deep breath and to live deep, that is why I doubt about your mission in life, because now that I know you more and more, I grow more and more

Each time you appear so do hope and confidence! and they are stronger than you.

Yes, they look for me too, they cross this mountain too and I feel brave
My heart is brave

That is why, I thank you fear! Since you came along, like a rare song, I have learn to dance you away and I am a better human being, I am becoming a better dancer!

I thank you fear, but
Have you seen my last dancing moves?
They are beautiful strong
Do remember please that I intend to cross you and dance you away
I am determined to dance guided by Love
I will cross this battle with joy, faith and peace! Unstoppable dancers to!

Get ready oh mysteriously fear
We are going to climb you,
you will not dominate us.l
Oh and Grace is in me, a profesional dancer.
#MightyPoets #IamaClimber #LymeWarrior #IAmUnstoppable