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Please disregard my last post, and PSA, especially for Illinois

This is a PSA, especially for those who live in Illinois like me: Do not believe what somebody else says when it comes to proposed or upcoming laws, amendments, etc. Do your own research first, please. It will make a lot more sense, I promise!

I thought that it was going to be much, much worse thanks to what my mom has told me. It’s common sense that not - every - offense will be allowed. Plus, the purpose is so that the Justice system will be more fairer. Regardless, I just really hope the government knows what they’re doing.

#psa #Illinois


I really need your help- moving back to the US #Insurance #BPD

I am moving back to the US after living under universal healthcare for over a decade. I have no idea how to get insurance whether I should wait and get a job first what "pre-existing conditions" means at this point what I should beware of what is affordable and good I will be in #Illinois and I'm completely lost! Any links or help would be massive.  I can provide more information if needed.  I will not be eligible for any benefits, I imagine.


Where is everyone from? #Location #Whereiseveryonefrom #Illinois

Random post that isn’t about depression or mental illnesses.. but I’m new here and I’m curious to see where everyone is from!? I’m in a suburb of Chicago. We are finally seeing summer! It’s been very delayed here but the sun and warm weather has been very nice!

Happy 4th of July 💥🇺🇸