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Dear parents/guardians: If your kid(s) is a teenager or if they become one, please listen to them | TW family, misrepresentation

I’m so sick of the common trope seen in media like many TV shows and games that portray teens as “they think they can do whatever they want”, as folks with an attitude, or as folks who just talk back to their parent(s). I’m 20 1/2 years old, I don’t have kids or teens, but even I know that this is bullcrap.

Please listen to teenagers, and for goodness sake, do not assume that them defending themselves or standing up for themselves is the pure same thing as having an attitude (my mother always made that same mistake when she used to be mentally abusive)!

Especially if they’re not fully straight/heterosexual, if they’re transgender/non-binary/genderqueer/etc., polyamorous or non-monogamous, struggling with or identifying as a part of anything else that’s outside the societal norm, struggling with illnesses, struggling with neurodivergence/disabilities, or struggling with mental health and/or trauma. Please, I beg you. Don’t ignore them or excuse them for these ignorant stereotypes!

#TeenagersDeserveBetter #Family #psa #MentalHealth #Teen #teenager #teenmentalhealth #LGBTQIA #listen #misrepresentation #Anxiety #Trauma #misunderstood #Stereotypes

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Please disregard my last post, and PSA, especially for Illinois

This is a PSA, especially for those who live in Illinois like me: Do not believe what somebody else says when it comes to proposed or upcoming laws, amendments, etc. Do your own research first, please. It will make a lot more sense, I promise!

I thought that it was going to be much, much worse thanks to what my mom has told me. It’s common sense that not - every - offense will be allowed. Plus, the purpose is so that the Justice system will be more fairer. Regardless, I just really hope the government knows what they’re doing.

#psa #Illinois


Rheumy followup #psa

Headed for my follow up appointment with my rheumatologist later today. I got one X-ray result back out of several. Said my hands showed no significant changes. It leaves me to wonder about my hip, back, and feet. They probably hurt me the worst. #scared



Started my day pretty positive then tail spinner into full body psoriatic arthritis joint pain and inflammation. Decided to get back on medication they stopped to allow the booster to be more effective. Also put myself in bed with feet up.
So hard to give in and stop your life cuz of your chronic illnesses.
#psa #,chronic pain,#Fibromyalgia ,#Anxiety ,#Depression , #daily reflections and journal, #cheer me up,#appy light, #positive thought of the Day, #Distract me, #Flashbacks , ##mighty together
I thank the many mighties for being here.
Signing off to care for my sick sore body
Good night 😴


Self care day

#positive #chronic pain #Fibromyalgia #chronic illnesses # check in with me #Distract #daily reflections and journal #psa #self care bipolar
Went to the river with oldest brother and back home. Been up since 1:30a so it's been long day. Was productive day though!
Going to start a roast in the morning 🌄 before my caregiver gets here.


Wondering what and why

As I lay here in bed waiting for my dinner to cook, my mind is walking down memory lane. When I consider all the health issues I’ve had and those that became chronic the question of why is nagging at me. Another burning question is why am I still alive?

There was a point when I thought I had had all the illnesses and health issues I should have to deal with. Well, you couldn’t proof it by me! Things just keep happening.

I was thrilled to be able to restart my Simponi Aria Infusions this past Tuesday. It was so painless with my Med-A-Port in place and working. No IV or Lab sticks! I took myself out to dinner and enjoyed a short shopping trip through the Dollar Tree. About the end of the shopping my left foot ulcer started hurting. Normally, it doesn’t bother me. Once home, I decided to change the dressing. What a surprise awaited me. Next stop the Emergency Room. I figured a little debridement, an antibiotic prescription, and home, into me mighty and snuggling with my three furry babies.

One of my girlfriends was covering the ER that night. It was great to see her as she had been off for 8 weeks as she go COVID-19. She told me it was the worse experience of her live. No matter what she did she simply got not breath properly.

In any case, she decided to X-ray my foot just to be sure I didn’t have osteomyelitis in my foot bones. I thought it was over kill but, humored her. Next thing I know and nurse comes in to start an IV and the lab followed right behind. Both were preparing to stick me. I quickly informed them I had a port and there would be no sticking me but they were welcome to use my port. Next the doctor is telling me I had osteomyelitis of my foot. I got admitted to the hospital. I received IV antibiotic one right after the other for 48 hours. Definitely, the timing tight after my infusion that turns off my immune system want’t helpful.

I got home yesterday. I pray my Lord let’s this be the last oomphs. Welcome 2021 to my world. 😷. 🦶🏻 🤪 👨🏼‍⚕️

#RheumatoidArthritis #psa #ChronicIlless #ChornicPain #Crohn ’s Disease #autoimmune Vasculitis #Pressure ulcer # #DiabetesType2

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Safety plan #BPD #Depression #Anxiety #SuicidePrevention #psa #gethelp

I found this Safety plan template from and downloaded it. This is a handy tool to have if you’re ever in a crisis. Click on “Get help”, click on “Help yourself”, click on “Make a safety plan”, then click on “Get a plan template”. You can print it out and fill it. I’ve learned this from my therapist and the hospital I have stayed.

I suggest posting this on your refrigerator or your door so you can see it before you leave your house. Also handy if you keep it in your phone.

Just remember: You’re not alone, there’s help and there’s always a choice! Your life is worth it and the people you care about well, obviously care about you!

If you feel your safety is in danger or you know someone else is please call 800-273-8255 (U.S.), Text 741-741 (U.S.) or go to (international).
Don’t hesitate because it can save your life or someone else. #youmatter


A bit of a rant #StagesOfGrief #Widow #Anxiety #psa #DiabetesType2

I recently had my bank account hacked so I had to get a new bank card and thought I had changed all my automatic payments. Got an email 2 weeks ago about my my insurance payment being declined so I immediately went online and paid it. Then I get a letter last night saying my insurance would be cut off if I didn’t pay my bill AND a letter from my military health insurance saying they couldn’t process my payment. I went online and made sure both payments were taken care of. Then spent half the morning calling my insurance so they could tell me my account was paid but the letters were sent the day before the payment was due....which makes no sense since how can the payment be declined the day before it’s paid. I also pointed out to them my car insurance showed my husband as the primary driver and he died in May 2019. The military insurance just had to have an allotment, regardless of how you paid the first time. This morning I’m washing dishes and water is running out of the cupboard under my sink and the plumber can’t come till the 30th (thank God for double sinks). And I’m leaving tomorrow morning for GA to spend Christmas with my brother’s family and my son. And I’m crying over being alone and missing my husband and my cat went into “murder mode” biting and scratching me. And I can’t get to sleep and my fingers hurt from my PSA and my back hurts.....and part of me wishes Christmas was all over and I could stop crying.


I had another spinal fusion in March that sent me into the nastiest flare. I feel like I have never recovered from the flare. Has this happened to you

#Fibromyalgia #psa #ChronicPain

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raised garden bed #psa #ChronicPain

waiting on the weather to cooperate so we can lay out our grid add the trellis and start planting. What is your favorite vegetable to grow?