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I'm new here!

Hi all -- my name is Felix and I'm here because I recently had a friend diagnosed with breast cancer and was helping her navigate insurance choices. I've had the opportunity to learn a bunch about insurance in my professional life (I work at a primary and behavioral health clinic called Curio) so thought I would see if anyone else needed support. Helping her through the experience was certainly eye opening.

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Facing an insurance denial? Here’s a guide to find out what the insurer is actually saying

If you or a loved one has had a claim denied and wants to talk through submitting a request for your claim file, email to get in touch. #HealthCare #HealthInsurance #Insurance

Health Insurance Claim Denied? See What Insurers Said Behind the Scenes

Learn how to request your health insurance claim file, which can include details about what your insurer is saying about you and your case.

Paying for an MRI/MRA

Hello Mighty Community! Does anyone have any advice on how to pay for an MRI/MRA? My roommate needs them. She’s on her parents’ insurance still but no one in her family has been sick this year so there’s been no movement on their deductible. It will cost her 6 months of our rent to get these done, which she can’t afford #ChronicIlless #MRI #Finances #Insurance #Health #Brain #HealthInsurance


Advice/Personal Experience Filing for Disability

Hello to everyone on The Mighty!

I have been advised to start the process of applying for disability. I have PTSD, and the most significant factor impacting my ability to work is insomnia. My parents put me on sleeping medication as a child, and when I hit my mid-30s, my body didn't respond to them anymore. I went through 9 months last year, where I slept roughly 45 minutes every three days. Suffice it to say, I was not functional during that time and could not work. After detoxing from sleep meds, my body started responding to Xanax, and it has helped, but my prescribing doctor retired at the beginning of this year. Though I am in the process, I have not been able to find another psychiatrist yet, and frankly don't see benzodiazepines or sleeping medication as a long-term solution anymore. I want to work through my trauma and sleep on my own if possible. I have been tapering my dose of Xanax slowly, and so far, I've still been able to sleep, but my last refill will run out soon. I attempted to sleep without medication a few weeks ago, and it didn't work. It also brought a domino effect of panic attacks, flashbacks, and dissociation. If I cannot sleep again, I won't be able to work, and I need income and medical insurance. I have been told that applying for disability can be lengthy and that I should start now while I am functional. Have any of you gone through the process of applying for disability? If so, would you be willing to share your experience and any advice you may have? I appreciate any help you can provide. #Insomnia #PTSD #Disability #Insurance #selfcare


What is your Insurance Denial Story? Share it as a new post in the group

Share a new post in the group detailing the denial experience you had with health insurance and its effect on you or your loved ones. Make sure to name the insurer as well because it may help spot trends too. Use the hashtag #InsuranceDenialStories . Invite others to share their stories here too. Let's build a supportive database to really document and show the true human cost of Insurance denials and possibly even spot trends to help mitigate the horrors that are being perpetrated against those most in need.
#ChronicIllness #Depression #MentalHealth #HealthInsurance #Insurance #Abuse #ChronicPain #Grief #Disability #CPTSD #PTSD


Tough choices

My wife is waiting to hear back about what day her new job starts. She went for an interview last week and the manager said they were planning to start either April 4 or the following week. But she did get the job. So that's the good thing!

The hard thing is we got a call yesterday from the place where her daughter (high functioning) does her autism therapy and they told us her insurance changed and they don't take it. So either we get her back on the plan she used to be on or services end Friday. The only way to change that is to actually call them, which gives my wife extreme anxiety. She's gonna try because if they can change it back, keeping her at the same place would be easiest routine-wise. But the other side is if we keep her on this new plan, it covers another place in town that does the same type of therapy but they also offer respite care and other services all inclusive that we have to go to outside agencies to get since this other place doesn't have those. So, all told, this might be better for all of us in the longer term. But the current place is getting her ready to return to traditional school. And if she goes to the new place, the easiest thing to do would be keep her in online school cuz, while from a therapy standpoint she is ready to go back to school, from a practical standpoint of socialization and what her individual needs are, she wouldn't do well. She's still struggling to do practically anything independently. There just never seems to be a moment for us to enjoy anything or catch a break... #Autism #OppositionalDefiantDisorder #Insurance #choices


Starting a New Group for Insurance Denial Stories

I am starting a new group where we can share insurance denials and their effects on us and our loved ones. Too often the real impact of these denials goes unheard and unseen. Let's bring some light to this major issue plaguing many with a variety of health conditions! Share your story and let's build a group where we can share them together. #Insurance #Grief #PainMedication #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Asthma #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #CPTSD #MentalHealth

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Difficulties After #ECT #MentalHealth #amps #Grief #copingskills #Survivor

There’s a giant hole in mental healthcare. We all know that, there’s many. There are holes when you go for treatment but get no follow up care. When you need your meds but can’t get them for whatever reason, pharmacy/doctor miscommunication, #Insurance is always an issue.

I’m stuck.

I’m stuck in a hole but it’s not like the typical ones.

You don’t really know what’s going to happen when #ElectroconvulsiveTherapy is the option you’re given in the hospital. All you do know is that you aren’t able to keep yourself alive anymore without intervention. So if #ECT is the option, you have nothing else, you’ve tried everything else already. You go with it, you do what they say.

The hole I’m in is in regards to the aftercare for #ECT . I haven’t gotten any care specific to ECT or have been even able to talk about the ECT with professionals.

Every professional I talk to hasn’t dealt with people who have gone through ECT. They can’t answer any of my questions and they all give me the same look. The look of shock (ironic) that I actually was treated with ECT. The professionals also don’t have any referrals to other professionals who have dealt with ECT.

So when you notice changes, you can’t really talk about them. You say them out loud but it’s like talking into a void, no answers come back.

I can’t write the same as I used to. Writing became a coping skill only a year before I received my treatment.

It was easy. It all flowed right out of my mind, through my fingers, onto this app. It came together in my head really well before. I was beginning to love writing. I grew up thinking I was too stupid to write and have anyone care.

Then one of my stories got a good amount of peoples attentions. I was able to communicate with other people with similar stories. It felt amazing.

Now however, it is all different. It doesn’t flow like it did. I can’t think like I used to. The stories aren’t churning.

There are blanks now. I imagine just white in my brain. Before I could go through the stories and have images that helped.

It’s gone.

I’m relearning and I’m alone in it. I’m relearning and grasping at straws.

One thing I know for certain, is you don’t send an electrical current through someone’s brain causing seizures, and release them with no aftercare.

There are so many unanswered questions.

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A Path to a Better Self?

Please close your eyes and picture this.
It is a cool November day and you are waiting for a call that can give you the hope you so desperately need right now. A call you have waited for previously that has contributed to years of traumatic roller coaster emotions and constant butterflies fluttering in your stomach and mind.
The person on the line can give you the time and the peace of mind to make life changing decisions for yourself and your family.
The phone rings and as you answer you are trying to think positively, staying optimistic but at the same time you feel dread, hopelessness and fear. You are already exhausted when you say hello.
The voice you are expecting speaks and tells you that they are recording the conversation for quality and training purposes. You agree and wait for the words that can change your current way of life. Your heart is beating, your mind swirling and tears are at the edge of your eyes waiting for the information.
The answer you have been waiting weeks for is “you have been denied.”
Your heart sinks, you can’t breathe, your throat tightens and tears flush down your face.
How can this be? You are supposed to help, aren’t you?
Why do I have to prove myself again and again?
I want to scream and swear at you. Even though you are just doing your job I hate you, I want you to just understand what I am feeling, the constant pain, the anxiety, the sadness, the desperation and the feeling that I am doing everything wrong everyday.
You don’t care, this saves you money and when you hang up your life has not changed at all.
When I hang up my already exhausting and confusing life has just gotten turned upside down.
How do you prove an invisible illness that effects your everyday life? Your family? Your job?
The word “denied” spoken with ease from those unaffected is forcing you to possibly live a life that you weren’t expecting.
A path that once brought you satisfaction and purpose is now filled with stress and uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. An uncertainty that is no longer in your best interest. Too many factors out of your control, too many lives affected by your long and winding road of healing
Going backward is not an option and as much as you hate that person that left you stuck and feeling lost. The decision has to be made, change your path or redecorate the one you are on.
I obviously do not know what the future holds but I know I am grateful for my family, photography, warm hugs, red pandas and my favourite tea cup.
Just looking for some ᴊᴏʏ & ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ on the new path
I am hoping to take.
#Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #Depression #longtermdisability #HealthInsurance #Insurance #denied #Newstart #exhusted #tears #sad #MentalHealth #Emotion #PanicAttacks #hopeless #nocontrol #ChronicPain