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I saw this and I thought it was a nice thought. Especially in todays social media driven world, which I don’t partake in. #image #Thoughts #qoute

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No shame on filters #Filters #Snapchat #Selflove #image #selfesteemissues

I wrote a post on my social media accounts condemning people on shaming people because they like to use filters on their photos. My point was not everyone was born with that jaw-dropping natural beauty. If you wanna dress up your looks some, do it! I’m heavy on Snapchat filters. I’ve had self-esteem issues my entire life. I’m not as harsh on myself as I use to be but I still like to doll myself up every now and then.


Doing the basics and body image.

So I finally found the motivation to get a bath (massive achievement in my silly world) then I get dressed and keep changing outfits and think I look horrible. I am a size 12 so with a few curves it don't help compared to when I starved myself and got to a size 6 then went up slowly and at size 8 it looked better to me, this was years ago and after that a eating disorder followed. (Not doing that again) I know its a woman thing but I then think to myself this is why I dont bother and rarely do even get dressed or get clean enough to meet people and go out. I know it sounds terrible to someone who finds those things a normal easy part of life.

I know of others who can do that basic thing every day and work they are amazing. Ive found diets and exercise are always just a short term solution. My friend always said you have to except yourself to carry on easier which I have a bit in some areas but at 28 its not enough. There is no magic answer and do feel very silly and its not easy for most to. #Depression #Confidence #image

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