#CheckInWithMe #Autism #MentalHealth #Trauma #Ableism #indifference #dismissed #Ignored Heard back from my social worker (indirectly) today about getting them to fund my appointments with my psychologist (long, complicated story I don't have energy for now). They didn't even attempt to consider any the letters supporting the request. They just dismissed the concept out of hand. Are more interested in passing the buck. I feel so dismissed and ignored. Like my needs aren't even worth considering.

Trying not to let this whole thing spiral into #triggering childhood trauma. Never mind adulthood trauma as I fought my way into having a right to have a place in the world/society. I so don't have the energy for that kind of fight anymore! I guess it's a good thing I have a support person to fight that fight for me. Still...

Also having some triggering from the #AcademicAbleism #AcademicDiscrimination I experienced years ago, near the end of my academic career.

Sometimes society's ableism and indifference is so hard to deal with. We fight so hard to have basic human rights recognized, to have a useful, meaningful life like everyone else, and we get so much crap thrown at us, and so much ... well, everything. It makes it so hard to want to even try. Realizing over and over lately why I spent so many years taking a break from being involved in the world, even after I had the energy and ability to again: Society sucks! They are still a bunch of ignorant, ableist %$#@&!!!

Sorry, just needed to rant. This being a safe, supportive space and all, (mostly) it seemed like a good place.